Friday, April 11, 2014

Connecting the dots with former Dulce Base Security officer Thomas Edwin Castello

This is not made up. This is true. 

This is some of exactly the same information I have given to interviewers when asked - it was not information I found from a book unless there was any reference to it in Anthony Sanchez's book UFO Highway. Mostly I came by this information 100% by my guides/contacts. I did not know Rand corporation was responsible for building most of the bases/tunnels, certainly not to the level of descriptive detail I was given by my contacts, and yet in my New Orleans Examiner interview with Frank Zero, that's what came out when asked.

Now it seems my comments have been corroborated.  Interesting that Castello mentions Los Alamos as one of the main points of operation for the underground tunnel system connected to Dulce. Besides this man, I am the only other person I am aware of who has consistently mentioned Los Alamos National Laboratories as culprits in human experimentation on the civilian populace and playing a big part in human abductions/military abductions (aka "MILABs").

Please refer to my Bases interview re: my direct, personal experiences with Los Alamos through a woman known as Lady Judge Barbara Thomas.

I could be wrong, but "Colonel X", the interviewee of Sanchez's in the book might have even refuted this information- I don't know why if he did. This is pretty much correct- almost 100% accurate if it isn't a full 100%. 

Also corroborates Karen Hudes information re: Jesuits, ancient terrestrials who are the ones really running the world, etc.

This also is intriguing, these purple grow tanks are exactly what I was shown in my recovered memory. The "rectangle" shape of the tanks might be me seeing that rectangular-shaped light (grow light??)  and thinking its enclosed glass somehow and confabulating another recovered memory with some kind of technology that uses copper wiring embedded in tanks to "make children more telepathic" but this is very much like what I saw. I had never before seen this article or images or video before today:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It is happening again.

Adjusted for contrast:

Adjusted for contrast:

This was accompanied by a tingling, "my arm fell asleep" feeling and a deep kind of - I don't know how to describe it- "ringing" sensation in the affected area. A deep, concentrated sensation of the reverberation of a gong or some kind of bell but without sound.

The shapes are continual- miters and triangles. Oh, and snakes/fishes. Always snakes. This time more miters and a triangle at the top.

This was also accompanied by an allergic-like rash I've had on that arm for a few days now,  but then somewhere between the onset of the rash and the marks on my arm, three pointed red dots appeared one morning that formed a triangle but for some reason doesn't show up well on film, so there's no photo for that.