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Girl Talk About CIA Patsies, Mind Control, Alien DNA In Humans And More!

This is a get together on Skype with two of my friends, Julia Lentz and Sarabeth Stroller, we've all had some pretty strange things happen to us individually as well as together, including a phone call from Julia's dad in prison- who did not know we had literally just started taping the interview, initially to talk about his case- at the very beginning of the talk. (Interview with Julia and Sarabeth officially begins at the 14:08 mark.) 

Now for those of you who know, this "coincidence" of key people literally phoning in and interrupting interviews of mine is starting to become pretty commonplace, please see the synchronistic phone call of John Urwin in my Bases 15 interview for more. 

Julia's dad was former military intelligence who was framed in the murder of his wife- a crime I believe he did not commit. Julia comes from (I think) a multi-generational military intelligence family and also has some other strange things going on in the family tree professions/affiliations that are typical of people I know who are MILABs and/or targeted individuals- this kind of family background is absolutely typical for that sort of thing. 

Her mother was working on pretty high up defense related projects. Julia and I feel strongly that her father was framed for the murder of her mother because her mother might have been too close to something or saw something she shouldn't have in the course of working on one of the projects she was assigned to. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened with people working on black projects at least. It's also probably easier to control the surviving spouse from a prison cell by framing them for your wife's murder as well.

Her family has been ruined as a result of this terrible incident and since then Julia has also had some very, very weird high strangeness happen to her that has intersected with me in several instances that we only just barely scratch the surface of in this interview. The events always seem to happen with a mind control or paranormal (or both) theme to the people in her life repeatedly and she seems to always be present when it happens. 

Sarabeth too is "a lifer" in terms of high strangeness that's happened to her, lots of synchronicity/telepathy/interesting timing also tends to happen with Sarabeth (and again, sometimes with me included as well, described in the interview and on the links provided below) and has a lot of strange concentric circle intel-and-ET/psychic/paranormal related things happen to her repeatedly as well. You are welcome to check out the litany of high strangeness and harassment that's occurred in my life in any of the interviews I've talked about extensively in the archived shows here on my Youtube channel in the "Interviews" section. (This interview is part of the playlist for other shows I've been on as well.) 

 These women are members of my social network and between the three of us, we keep running into the same types of characters who seem to know all of us and these same characters seem to seek all of us out again and again, even though we frequently live in several different time zones and are often not in the same city at the same time. I believe this is part of a phased genetics trial that is multi-generational and has to do with transhumanist/eugenics-based scientists (and possibly benevolent (?) neutral or even negative ETs) who may or may not give a crap about any of our well being or enrichment. But primarily, we are test subjects to them. 

Sarabeth (on the right) is my friend who had the same "hole punch" mark appear in real time on her ankle that also appeared on both scapular muscles of my shoulders, here is the blog post on that:

Sara also took these photos/hung out with me the day I "summoned" these UFOs/was guided to go to a spot on the West End Highway piers in Manhattan on a beautiful spring day in 2012:

Julia (on left) also "just happened" to be a roommate of the other friend who woke up the same day I did 950 miles away with the same triangle bruise I woke up with even though when this happened, she had at that point never met me or Sarabeth before and didn't know either of us. 

What are the odds.

This interview is rowdy, we talk over each other, we swear a lot. If that offends you or is annoying, spare me the criticism. Please don't whine to me about how hard it is to hear what we are saying. I had to get this out there. It's a raw file, unedited. I understand if it doesn't make any sense or is hard to understand, there might be follow up interviews to clarify some of the things we are describing, but I just felt this needed to be published and needed to get out there. 

Interview recorded 15 July, 2014.

This is Jerry "The Chimera" Kemp on the right; this is the man I saw on the D train who telepathically spoke with me and who also "just happened' to "randomly" come into Julia's life, become her financial advisor, and then proceeded to rip her off out of a not insignificant amount of money. He also "just happened" to come from a CIA/black ops background and "just happened" to show up one night at Julia's home whereupon one of Julia's roommates mentioned that Jerry also spoke with *her* telepathically as well. This roommate as I recall also happened to come from a very weird high ranking socialite family that had some shady connections to some kind of cult. (Research the CIA's keen interest in cults -- they know who everyone is in those things and don't hesitate to exploit that database to the fullest for mind control subjects. Being in a cult is basically license to say "Hi, I've turned my brain into a beanbag. Use me. Abuse me." The CIA loves that.)

Again, this all happened before I knew Julia or any of this incident on the train happened to me. Oh, and Jerry here "just happens" to be photographed with David Rockefeller and monarch slave Jermaine Jackson. Apparently/allegedly Kemp disappeared from Bloomington not long after ripping Julia off.  

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Telepathy, global consciousness and how we humans are connected

I take issue with the bit about "paranormal activity is reduced when this electromagnetic effect takes place" or something to that effect (paraphrasing) -- Oh really? Come to my world, the paranormal doesn't seem to care a fig what science thinks, it's going to happen regardless of how many Hzs there are on the earth's grid or not, and a couple of other things I can't remember that he said that kind of made me raise an eyebrow over, but basically, yeah- there is a frequency I operate at, and it's actually higher than the 7 Hz he's talking about. I get brain-fried when I've done too many readings or have connected to this frequency too much and I actually get a headache. There was another scientific test not mentioned in this video, but it was a legit scientific study done on "Normals" and then on psychics. The psychics in the study - people who claimed they do what I can and really can in fact do it do actually seem to have a higher Hz than others- usually psychics are operating at 8 Hz or more. Will try to find and post that data if I come across it, but I do remember seeing mainstream articles somewhere a while back about that very study.

I have spoken extensively about how excited the engineer was who asked me if my mother was left handed/I was left handed and then told me I was 100% right brained and just who they were looking for when I was paid to take part in a telekinesis experiment at Ohio University's Avionics Engineering Department (See my interviews for more, I think I detail it in the Bases 15 and 21 interviews).

"They" whomever "They" are who have been abducting me in MILABs and using me as a human guinea pig have known that the secret to all of this- telekinesis, telepathy, psi ability in general,  all of it- happens in the right hemisphere of the brain.

And they have ruthlessly exploited this fact ever since.

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Instant Karma

This is for you, You Know Who You Are. Confirmation enough for ya? ;-)