Sunday, August 19, 2018

Degenerate Reviews Post-JordanPetersonism

 I think we all just need to shut up and dance. 

This is hilarious. And good. One more thing I wish to add: why are most white, straight, western men I’ve ever met in my entire life without exception only capable of understanding things as *metaphors*? I don’t know why this is. Jordan Peterson for instance. He claims that the Bible is nothing but a series of “metaphors”. Correct me if I’m wrong. But I would beg to differ. 

My personal, direct experiences with the Bible and the events of the Bible might steer you another way if you knew what I knew. 

(Of course for most people, if they experienced what I have, they might think they were having a bad trip from accidentally drinking some old blotter acid that someone threw in a punch bowl at a party and now it’s been six days and you’re still seeing things crawling out of the walls and subsequently hiding under the bed thinking that if you use a melon baller to scoop your eyes out, maybe the endless procession of Blue Meanies sticking their schnozzes in your face will go away, but maybe that’s just a projection.)

  And bear in mind,  what I “know” could fill a thimble. 

  But I’m willing to suspect with my own entirely subjective, fully patented Supernatural Experiences (tm) 🙄,  that maybe, just maybe, Peterson might be wrong about that. I also think he’s great – – until he is terrifying. He kind of follows perfectly reasonable and agreeable arguments and then he jumps off the deep end pretty rapidly with some leaps of logic that don’t quite make any sense / seem almost purposely vague and could even be considered dangerous. ( Not the stand up straight and clean your room part, that’s of course totally agreeable.  You’re probably not standing up straight enough. Your posture could use some work. Just saying.)

He asks people to have children even if they don’t want them because you’re not a real man or woman unless you have one which seems completely asinine and downright abusive-  to the child and the parent alike,  which seems like one of the most irresponsible things a person could do , but maybe that’s just me. 

 And this guy is considered a moderate! Anyway...  I don’t pretend to be nearly as well read as this person making the video and I could never go toe to toe with them in a debate,  I just think this is a really fun time happy funny video and people need to chill out because they’re taking this way too seriously and it’s just causing more polarization. 

I also agree that Derrida-  what is the point of Derrida? Or Lacan, for that matter? They are completely indecipherable,  and no they don’t translate well. Something about female and male pronouns which works fine in a language like  French but completely falls apart with the English language because in English we don’t use nearly anything coming close to the sheer volume of feminine and masculine assignments to inanimate objects that Romance languages like French do?
 So... your point being? 

The point of life being?  

The older I get , the less I can take people or ideas seriously. 

 Especially someone like Peterson, who tells you that life is suffering and you will never get over that 
fact that life is suffering, but even if you don’t want them you should have children.

 So you can give them suffering. 

Let the fun begin! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

XRay Spex - Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

Well looky here, another person I totally identify with who, like me, like Philip K. Dick, like others have claimed to have seen a pink (lit?) UFO (in other timelines I have never heard of this, this is news to me, and I am a big XRay Spex fan) who was hospitalized and misdiagnosed as schizophrenic, no wait, was it manic depressive for talking about it/asserting herself:

Why can't I ever get visits from Poly Styrene, who was a genius, she wasn't crazy, she didn't have a mood disorder, she was GREAT, instead of astral visits from a bunch of pompous atheists who don't remember going to high school with me, teaching me how to play guitar, meeting me sixteen or seventeen times (or producing a music show for them), or visits from YOUR EX. 

Of course, But I wouldn't want to disturb Poly's jam with the cosmos, she's been in a sitar-spiral of oneness with the infinite for six or seven years now. (Poly, who became a devout Hare Krishna post-band days sadly died of breast cancer a while ago). But she is DEFINITELY making the most of the after life. It's pretty beautiful and genius, just like she is. 

The immature ones are all asking me "why I hate them". Y'know. In astral. You flatter yourselves. "Hate" would imply effort. Suddenly they are all coming to call, and behaving like it's a royal visit or something. It's silly. You knew me before, ladies and germs, and you weren't too kindly or attentive then. Even in this lifetime. So WHYYYYYYYY are you bothering now? 

I doubt these people even know me anymore or remember me consciously. But lately, it's all I get are astral atheist know-it-all people in a deep need for bizarre forgiveness, or understanding, or, or--- I don't know what. It's not like these people were mature to begin with or had the lifetimes of reflection and remorse that it takes to develop the personal responsibility and right of wisdom, AND YET, they want to grok at the same level I'm at. 

The level that took YEARS of discipline, the loneliness and dedication of a literal monk, and focus (and let's face it, a good dose of covert manipulation and mind control technology that may or may not be with the cooperation of various agencies and beings from the stars) and they have the nerve to want to suddenly take a meeting with the Queen. 

Fuck all y'all.
"Why are you mad at me?"

Are you kidding? 

You don't have a right to my home, much less an answer! 

You plebes! 

You place your energy, focus, attention on something else, you miss out. 

Not my circus, not my monkeys, Ese. 

You devalue spirit, you humiliate people who make non-materialist claims that are real and shun them for it/mock them, this is what you get. Oh, and the Ex's bloodline, thanks to shutting down all emotional valves long ago, eventually becomes that of a grey alien. So calling her a "Loric" was probably very accurate. But Beware the Loric, my friend. Beware the Jub Jub and the Bandersnatch, because they're all creations. 

And the real human is an arrogant twat who actually thinks she has a RIGHT to a seat at my table. 

This isn't a democracy, friend. 

Get your feet off my rug.  

Gene Editing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Jennifer Doudna is evil, and her associations are evil, and her nightmare about a pig Hitler is justified. The people, yes I’ve already said that many times before over the years, the *people* who live in underground facilities are now coming above ground. 

Where do you think they were created? 

In a lab? 
You’d be right. There are plenty of people who have already been born to genetic editing and they are not human as you or I would classify it. 

And a white supremacist, neonatal genesplicing firm that lives underground did it.

And Jennifer is attached to these types. The above-ground versions of these people.  And in time, the above-ground people are going to have conversations with the below-ground people.
 And oh what will happen when that happens. 

Nightmare proportions indeed. 

Monday, June 25, 2018


Antinatalism must be taken seriously and considered as a legitimate way of life for anyone considering a serious esoteric or philosophical journey. The concept that life is suffering is an adult, mature concept. There were gnostics who were avowedly antinatalist for this reason. The precept of antinatalism is: if you decide to not have a child, and no child comes forth, you will not cause any suffering for that nonexistent person. Therefore it is a good thing. If you are here already, then okay, make the most of it. But if you decide to reproduce and have children who are biological creations of yours (the exception being adoption for the already born), the philosophy continues, then you are WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY causing SUFFERING. Suffering is inevitable in life. It is not pie-in-the-sky to say this. Namely/Chiefly knowing that there is a 100% chance that people who are born, die. And sometimes they die horrifically and in great pain.

So this is the language of the Gnostics: Pain is unavoidable in life.  While you are here, do not cause pain and suffering whenever possible. Bringing a life into this world is a 100% guarantee that at some point, life will in fact bring that child pain and suffering. Being a parent guarantees that you have brought the guaranteed death to someone- ironically, the person you claim you "love". 

Sounds like the anti-natalist philosophy to me.

 What is pie-in-the-sky, out of touch with reality, immature, delusional and juvenile? The concept that "having a child makes you a more compassionate, empathic, empathetic person". 

 It is no guarantee whatsoever that "having a child makes people a better person".  People tell themselves that... I don't really see the evidence for it. In fact, I've seen plenty to the contrary. Maybe you were just a lousy, selfish, out of touch person to begin with if you really need a child to make you "better"? 

Just as an aside, she references Ivanka Trump doing something insensitive with a photo of her holding her child that apparently rubbed some people the wrong way, but the one that sticks out for me more specifically and more egregiously is the"I Don't Really Care, Do U" jacket cynical, selective "mother" Melania Trump was wearing to an ***internment camp for migrant children*** as another example of this callousness.