Sunday, November 20, 2011

On being a MILAB

From a forum comment I left about being a MILAB: 

On a spiritual level, we chose to be MILABs so that people would never have to be MILABed again- we chose at a certain level to understand the experience of the MILAB and to talk about it openly what is really being done to members of the human populace so that people who are not having this done have the choice to participate in ending this battle, this struggle- so that others would receive a clarion call of help to those who cannot help themselves. We chose as figureheads to destroy the mind-body-spirit connection so that we would learn the "art" of cruelty and inhumanity so that our stories could be enlightening the masses so that their sensitivities would be awakened to become more compassionate in the process. It is all about love and compassion and we have chosen a hard road, but make no mistake, we are on a very real, tangible level waking up the masses one at a time. Psychicly people could not have done the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon without the aid and assistance of people like ourselves, the disappeared, the abducted in other ways, the kidnapped, the silenced, the tortured- spiritually the energy of that awakening to these experiences has fueled the revolution of the masses to just say no to it ever happening (or continuing to happen) ever again. "First a ripple of consternation, then a revealing" is what my guides call it.


  1. About"Occupy Wall Street..." I recall wanting a social movement like this one to happen about a decade ago; not knowing how or where to start. If you hadn't written and posted information like the above, I wouldn't even have known that people like yourself existed. So, thanks for this inspiring message. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Never again.

  2. Well thank you so much, Sandy. It is an honor if my words have enlightened you to a subject you previously didn't know about. God bless, Anya

  3. I have read some about MILAB before, but I wonder if this is going on all over the world. Could people like me, in Sweden, also be abducted by MILAB.

  4. Unfortunately, Eva, this is a transnational phenomenon we are talking about here and it is very possible to be a person targeted for a MILAB anywhere in the world. This is a strange globalist agenda that knows no known borders to speak of.