Tuesday, August 19, 2014

RIP Don Pardo- Prediction I made on 8/13/14 came true

From my Facebook page: 

Unfortunately a prediction I made on the 13th has sadly come true: RIP Don Pardo. What I wasn't saying because I didn't want to give it power was that I felt a person was going to die significantly connected to either of these people.

Anya Briggs
August 13
"Phil Donahue or someone connected to the late Merv Griffin - this may have no meaning later on and will delete it if it doesn't but I don't want to say why I am posting this because I don't want to give it power... but I had to post publicly nonetheless!"

- Here's info about Don's work with Merv, they worked together for 11 years, not an insignificant amount of time: 

8/19/14: Anya Briggs: I was right, it was someone who worked with Merv Griffin on Jeopardy-- Don Pardo, the voiceover guy best known for Saturday Night Live, but he had a long run with game shows for a long time before SNL. 

"Pardo elected not to move to California in 1963 when The Price Is Right shifted to ABC, and he joined Merv Griffin’s new show Jeopardy at NBC a year later. He remained with that quiz show for 11 years, missing only one broadcast out of more than the 2,700 that were produced. There, Jeopardy host Art Fleming introduced the pop-culture catchphrase, “Don Pardo, tell her what she’s won!” 

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