Saturday, August 29, 2015


Have been meaning to post this from my Facebook page  since mid-August, just haven't had a chance to post this here yet. But since it's a full Pisces moon right now (Pisces rules dreams, the psychic self,
 etc. etc.) and full moons are perfect times to purge all the stuff that no longer serves you, I hope you find this helpful and a positive trigger for the search for higher self, awareness, activation and integration of your 3D-to-5D experience. 

Catherine Deneuve in Peau d'Ane (Donkey Skin), 1970:

A strange fairytale about a fall from Eden through royally decreed incest which masks a mystery school initiation story allusion to the ancient myth of Lucius, who was "turned into a donkey and forced to live life as a beast of burden. A victim of abuse and depravity, Lucius' condition is an allegory for the fate of humans when separated from the divine."

 In this case, I would say, when separated from your natural birthright of gnosis through the opening of the third eye, which is what the school of Isis was really all about- rather than being a control system, I would posit that the ancient school was more about real life solutions and how you can in fact turn your dna on- which was shut off by the controllers who manufactured humanity in the first place. The "goddess" you worship within is the Divine Feminine and takes many names. The "Goddess" you seek to worship is actually the psychic seat/activation of the soul from 5D into 3D.
The raw, uncut initiation process was once available for all but was tightly regulated when the monarchies (the ones who stood in as pre-governmental structures of control) saw what could happen when you had a free mind. The Illuminati used this mystery school knowledge in turn to frighten and turn away "those who are uninitiated" and/or flat out keep out anyone who wasn't like them/limit those who weren't like them inwards.

Secret societies like the Masons were initially an attempt to prevent dogma from destroying this knowledge, but then turned inward on itself/became power hungry/a victim of its own success that then forbade in turn as well the initiation process without them as the middle man/gnosis providers. It was a manipulation that then in turn separated the initiates in these societies from "God", i.e. their psychic self as well because hypnosis vis a vis rituals, indoctrination under threat of death, i.e. trauma, and the use of symbols became the de facto form of power and control for those even trapped within the labyrinthian systems of code and hidden meaning. It corrupted itself. It is time to free the animus (i.e. Divine Masculine) so the anima (Divine Feminine) can provide again.


  1. Hey Anya, have you heard or read into this reset button movement ? If you have time let me know what you think please?
    Thank you

  2. Oh and I wanted to post this like last week but something is stopping me from communicating right. It's weird.

    I wanted to ask you a bunch of questions but I didn't want to bother either. So I've been reading up on your past blog entries trying to learn some stuffs. :)