Monday, September 12, 2016

Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

The Codependent's theme song!  
Or is it Ms. Gaga waking up and smelling the coffee about her illuminati childhood? Or both? 

Either way I consider this a breakthrough moment!  It seems she's been laying more than a few more hints about her self-emancipation as a human being and the darker elements of the entertainment industry  in a number of interviews, public statements, and her music itself since, oh, around 2013. I'm not saying she was waking up and smelling the coffee, I'm just saying.  

And either way , the girl's got pipes, you have to grant her that! Girlfriend can sing.

 I wonder if she's still going to take place in the illuminati ritual in space that I talked about in 2013:  

Perhaps. She might be contractually obliged. But her heart isn't in it if she does. 
It'd be interesting if that gets canceled!

And it's weird because I know people who know Mark Ronson and the other producer who worked with  her on this new album who is in the band Tame Impala, so that's interesting too. 
I'm glad she worked with them, they're incredibly talented people...


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