Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hello, Sailor.

Our true situation. The reason they created the control systems is they tinkered with us and then realized some of us became sociopaths as a result and didn't want us to blow up other planets since some of us have such a hard on for blowing up other nations.

We have been "allowed" because it is the time of Revelations in prophecy, just as it was foretold, to "ascend" to the stars as a galactic civilization.

That's it.

The control systems, the occult- it was ALL designed to control us, keep us in the playpen, until they deemed us safe enough to join the galactic civilization in the stars.

 It's already happened.

 No need for disclosure. No need for truth from the purveyors of lies
(a futile exercise if ever there was one).

We are already deigned civilized enough, and they have interbred with enough of us so our loyalties don't lean towards heartless destruction, and enough are waking up to their true selves, that we can join the club.

I know it sounds heartless what they did, but mostly we were assholes who prevented a lot of this advancement ourselves. (Cough, cough, missing trillions, cough, cough, secret space program: )

We drank the Kool Aid, we aided and abetted much of it- none of us put up a fight, so that too seems kind of silly to "vilify" people for not wanting to have us commit genocide on ours and other planets.

The Cool Kids get it, as with anything it always takes a few years for Paduka and Des Moines and Peoria to catch up.

Oh, I also forgot to mention it's National Taco Day.

You're welcome!

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  1. Hi Anya

    Maurio Biglino The Unexpected Bible . It has subtitles because it is in Italian in YouTube video. He was hired by Vatican to do some deciphering of text . Got to close to truth and was fired.