Sunday, July 7, 2019

Enjoy Yourself

Because: Death. 

Stop worrying so much. You can't do anything about it. Jesus Christ. You're only young once. Or a couple thousand lifetimes. It's only life, what's the big deal? And as we all know, life is a Basic Bitch if ever there was one. Life is one big Becky Basic Uggs iPhone And Starbucks all the way through. With extra whipped cream and sprinkles. You can't do nothin' bout it, so just try to formulate a group of people who get it and treat 'em nice. Everything else is just bells and whistles. I wish I had a group to form who got it. I think I am, but they all live so goddamn far apart from each other that it will have to be virtual - for now. Oh well. 

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