Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two words, dear Readers: Bechtel and Monsanto.

If you want personal empowerment, economic, ecological, and social justice, give yourself the opportunity to learn first about the dark deeds of these two incredibly powerful and influential companies with some of the most intense political influence on earth, and then sign every petition and write every letter to your congresspeople/senators you can get your hands on to request oversight, auditing, safety and accountability for standards and practices for both of them.

First, the arm of the military industrial corporate complex of nuclear, engineering, and construction contractors with big ties to big oil that make all others look like Mickey Mouse in comparison re:violations and no-bid contracts... (drumroll)... I bring you Bechtel!

All about the company/bio/profile:

List of company violations found in just a two minute Google search (by no means complete!):,73,221,html?ContractorID=11

And Two, Monsanto, agribusiness Giant who wants to be controller of global ecology for profit.
They are destroying the planet, its ecosytem, its biodiversity, and the future of sustainability/food production by producing/lobbying heavily for support of GMO seed and food production trans-nationally and domestically:

(This link is a great starting point to learn about them, plenty of info and petitions to sign, great documentary as well on the page. I also highly encourage subscribing/joining Organic Consumers Association anyway, feel free to browse the rest of the site, they are doing truly miraculous things as far as consciousness raising and direct action.)

Please take the time to understand cause and effect, people! Nothing happens in a vacuum.
You can't take action without first directing very specific energy towards a problem to ***find*** the solution. Meditation is great, fantastic, wonderful; it brings about focused intent, but it is only a starting point and isn't enough.

Make sure you take your Alka Seltzer before learning about these companies. "They aren't very nice" as it were. If they were people, they'd be psychotic. So let's see they get the professional help they deserve.


Love and Light,


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