Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Message from SaLuSa of Sirius, 7/23/09

Woah. Today was an especially trying day with some especially trying people leaving my life abruptly. Yes, all is one, but NONETHELESS, lol, I am exceptionally good at "reflecting others aspects of consciousness" all OVER some sticky jam situations, lol - I am afraid it was a bit of a blowup, and I did NOT behave very nicely, it seems.

YES, It still happens, yes, even to me. Lessons, lessons, lessons, right? We've got a passel of them.
Each and every one of us. :-)

So I was coming home from work tonight, ruminating over the somewhat disheartening "loss of a friendship that never was" (according to the star beings) of two rising stars in the UFO research scene who were supposed to help me re: John Barkley and Solar Warden and never did, even after a year of asking and them requesting all kinds of "qualifiers" to meet their criteria.

This is in spite of the fact that privately one of them was beyond excited and told me they thought John was the "real deal" , but publicly shunned me like a leper and continually refused to address the subject with a ten-foot pole --so I was ruminating on this, and out of nowhere, suddenly the phrase into my head came from somewhere else:

"Send them love that believe".

Right there on a quiet street in TriBeCa, I stopped dead in my tracks and was all like--



So the phrase repeated:

"Send them love that believe."

So tonight, as soon as I got home, I just felt this urge to send love to all my friends in a message on The International Starseed Council site ( telling them how much I loved them.

And almost immediately after I did that, I got this transmission. Enjoy.

Love and Light,



Dear child of light, we return so joyfully! For you have forgotten us, it seems, in the hustle and fray of daily life lately! ("Never. It's impossible! I could never forget about you, darling ones!") Aha, this is our transmission, then, dear child of light and love, aha! We shine forth so joyfully to the universe now in its cadence of love with the whisper of a moonbeam on our lips, aha! We state categorically that this is not a transmission of love for love's sole sake, dear ones! No, not at all! You are reminded that you must joyfully go forth in the New Dawn with hope on your shining minds and lips-- all is One, dear children of light, all is one in the scheme of things, so do not harbor resentments for long, dear child. ("You know me so well, ha!") Aha! For this is a message for humanity too, dear child of light and love! All will be well in the coming days and weeks ahead, dear ones, all will be well if you suffice it a way of being and doing tantamount to world peace!

Yes, you have heard me well, for this IS Salusa of Sirius shining through dear ones! All is one, let all be one in the scheme of things of light and love too, for it will suit you well dear children of light to nightly bless your friends and relatives as before you fall asleep-- tell them you love them all and cherish their hearts as one incessantly, aha! You know as well as I/we that we are sincere in all ways of being and doing tantamount to world peace as well, dear children of the Collective of Light called Planet Earth, aha!

You know as well as I/we dear child of light, each and every one of you glows so well now it is a "done deal" as they say for the time being to focus your intent gladly on the coming "storm" of activity that is beset before you "on all sides" as it were, aha! You are going to be treating each other with kindness and goodwill even though it is hard as they say, for others become that which you say they become by words and deeds and actions before them as well, too, yes? ("Sigh. Yes.") Aha! You see this plan works well, yes? ("Very. People become what you want them to become, yes?") Yes, aha, that is the structure by which it stands, aha! You give all the best to someone and all the best will return, yes? ("Yes. I have doubted this many times.") I know, dear child of light and love- all is one in the scheme of things.

You are a star warrior, dear child! Act like it! Behave yourself more, dear one! Be a good woman and know the way and the light, there is no more. Be of good cheer and all manner of blessings will befall on you, dear one.

Love and Light, signing off, the Galactic Federation of Light with Beloved Salusa of Sirius and the Brotherhood of Arcturus in attendance, signing off

Amen Adonai Amen, all is One dear Child of Light in the scheme of things. Things will be better tomorrow when you find your way more, aha, all is one in the scheme of light and love dear child of our hearts, so miraculously do we shine forevermore in the light of love that basks around you now, dear child! Amen, signing off, amen, dear one. All is love, all is one in light and love forever. Amen adonai amen goodbye for now, amen goodbye dear one.

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