Saturday, August 22, 2009

The role of aspect consciousness in UFO technology

I just made this yesterday at the bequest of the beings, who have in fact been "hammering this subject" into my head for some time now. And YES, Henry Kissinger has astrally projected himself into my living room demanding that I join his side. I of course said no. He was very upset. The specter of death was all around him, and I knew that he was only there because he was being told to by his superiors, whomever "they" might be...I don't expect anyone to believe this. It's fine if you don't. Just be respectful in your comments. Thank you.

Love and Light,



  1. ♣ Heh heh ehe heh heh ~ I believe what you're saying here because I am aligning with my own version of truth (effortlessly, I might add.) It's a beautiful day. Be well.

  2. well I easily imagine why henry wanted to spend the night, I can't only guess it must have been his failure you gain your agreement that allowed him to ever want to leave! your wonderful to me Anya let me know if you desire more help constructing shielding, hope my contribution serve you thoughts well.