Saturday, August 1, 2009

New videos! Re: Solar Warden updates, black ops, etc.

Very exciting developments. Ironically, I have not had time to post these vids here, but here they finally are. If you know anyone who wishes to talk to me about this or knows how I am directly involved with this further, please have them contact me here, or they can email me at:

Thank you for your interest!

Love and Light,



  1. connect your blog to youtube from youtube then you can post youtube vids on your blog

  2. Good question you ask about the videos, I wanted to know how to do this as well, this is what I've figured out:

    1) Open the YouTube video you want to add to your blog.

    2) Copy the text from the embed box on the right.

    3) You can also change the size and the color of the video frame if you click the customize button (the small blue wheel on the right).

    4) If you want to add a video to you blog click edit HTML and there you paste the copied link from the YouTube video.

    5) If you want to add some text as well, click compose and start writing your text there. This text will appear above the embedded video. Click publish post and both the text and the video will appear in your blog. (I've tested this and it works ;-)

    There's another thing I've figured out: how to make links clickable.

    1) Paste the website address in the compose window.

    2) Select this website address with the left mouse button.

    3) Click on the green thingy (looks like a globe) in the edit bar and paste the url (yes, again) in the pop-up box.

    4) But you can also write a line like: Cool Website!, select that line, click on the green thingy and paste the url in the pop-up box. And done.

    I hope this helps :-)

  3. Thank you both! Very helpful.

    Love and Light,