Monday, September 21, 2009

Microwave Attacks/Ego Tripping "New Agers"/Fear of Information

Recently I was attacked by microwave technology. I asked for help and was told that it happened to me because of anything running the gamut from "The Galactic Federation of Light did it" and that I was now "compromised" to "My 'energetics' were not aligned" to "I attracted it to me" to "Serves you right, let that be a lesson to you" to "You are messing with the forces of evil" to "It was demons" to "You left yourself wide open for an attack". None of these people asked what my experience was. They told me, even though that wasn't what I was asking. I didn't recall them giving me help through any of it, but boy were there plenty of lectures.

Not one of them even considered or addressed the possibility that it could have been a far more pedestrian reason: that it was an attack because I was a contactee who has had *800 BILLION* terabytes of information downloaded into my databank in the last year and a half regarding the mechanics of UFO propulsion systems. And that the NSA has been monitoring me heavily and that I have had communications with agents about UFO propulsion systems and that I didn't tell them what they wanted to know. I was not surprised in the least that I had been attacked, but what was more disappointing was the utter lack of compassion and a complete unwillingness to address the most obvious issue first from these so-called "healers".

That I had information the NSA wanted and I didn't give it to them couldn't possibly be the reason. There was also a shocking lack of education on the subject of microwave technology from these people. Some of them refused to even acknowledge it as a possibility and instead harped on the fact that it was "The Law of Attraction" and that I simply had anger issues. These are so-called "enlightened" people. Well, they call themselves that, at any rate, but I digress.

My point is, I thanked the experience as experiential reality and know that it did not destroy me or keep me from my mission in the slightest. It's almost beside the point that I was attacked by this technology. What is important as the outcome is that I have found that there are many people who fear that if they research a topic that is unpleasant, it will somehow happen to them, or "create" that reality for them. There should be no fear of information, no matter how unpleasant. Information gathering is just that. YOU are in control of what the information can do for you (or to you). The Illuminati WANTS you to never go beyond the surface of a subject. They LOVE that so many of you so-called "enlightened" "new agers" are so disinterested in your intellectual nourishment. Forewarned is forearmed, people. Be willfully ignorant at your own peril- we really don't have the luxury of doing that anymore.

Love and Light,


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  1. GOOD! You have realized that harassment (by purveyors of darkness) is and has always been beside the point. You go, girl! o(^_^)o