Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's going to be an interesting year.

The mainstreaming of what is happening to me and others just keeps unfolding. I find it impossible to believe that this film, along with the non-stop slew of films and TV shows coming out about aliens/paranormal is random/and/or that the producers/writers/actors are unaware of what is going on.

People tend to think Hollywood is clueless about this sort of thing, but I would beg to differ. What's the best way to introduce top secret and/or radical ideas to the public in such a way as to not totally freak them out? Through humor.

There must be a cultural imperative to get people to start opening up about their experiences in a safe, calm, non-judgmental environment. Film and TV is about as popular a culture imperative influence as you can get. I would suspect that this film alone will generate many bar room/water cooler/family dinner conversations about psychic abilities AND black ops budgets. Thank you, whomever green-lighted this project!

Things really seem to be quickening in a most delightful way: I get calls now from people I knew at school/in the past "before" this stuff was happening to me who have apparently found out what's happened to me in the interim, and rather than reacting with shock and ridicule, instead they immediately begin telling me about all of the psychic/paranormal experiences that have happened to them and to others they know.

I still can't even believe someone is actually using the term "black budget" in a film trailer, I am so happy.

Paradigm shift, indeed!

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  1. I am very cautious to praise this movie before it comes out. It seems to take a very serious subject and wrap it in the "giggle-factor."

    What if after this movie comes out, some selfless whistle blower comes wants to come out and share important information? Will they be dismissed with contempt, because the public (and the creepy media) will simplify the whole issue - they'll reflexively come back with "That's guy is lying, I saw that dumb movie, and he's just parroting the same crazy stuff."

    Mike Clelland!