Friday, October 16, 2009

My #1 problem with the new age movement addressed by David Icke

This video also includes an intriguing answer to a question asked before this segment at the beginning about whether or not Jim Morrison had been a victim of the infamous CIA- backed mind control program of the 60s and 70s known as MK-ULTRA. Many children of CIA/military families were guinea pigs/incubators for this program.
Listen to what his daddy did during Viet Nam...




  1. 'People aboard an airplane hovering in a holding pattern above the airport...' bwa ha ha ha ha (again -the sheer hilarity of it.) btw love you, Jim. *Peace out_*

  2. Thank you. Really had to hold my breath with this one, lol- Was fully prepared for an onslaught of New Age naysayers wearing purple robes chastising me yet again for having "anger issues" or telling me yet again that I was being manipulated by the Galactic Federation of Light or some shit, lol

    xo A-