Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The role of compassion in an experiential reality framework

Please feel free to leave your insights on the true nature of compassion as you see fit.

Love and light,



  1. ☯I think that the words used by Jesus were, “Forgive them, Father (God) for they know not what they do.” I agree with you on the point that Americans tend to underestimate the true value of compassion. That is part of the reason I had ‘left’ in order to reside in a culture which seems to be more accepting/expressive/tolerant of such a trait. Have a happy Halloween. *Cackle, cackle, cackle!*

  2. It's halloween, whatever that might mean.

    Thank you for addressing this in the framework of hard work. It is potentially ineffective to get stuck in something simple.

    On one level it is beautifully simple. On another level - it takes a very real dedication.

    I can be perfectly compassionate to the people in my life, and then I can burden myself with intense judgements. This combo is proving to be ineffective. Your powerful words are very helpful.

    Thank you - Thank you - Thank you

    Mike Clelland!