Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A star being grey explained time travel to me last night

Last night I was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, and "they" came in and started zapping my eyes again with some light which became very rapid fire, like strobes, and then I got downloaded (as usual) and then they asked me if I was ready to do something for them (didn't consciously know what, they were "blocking" the conversation, but yet I could answer somehow) and I said, no, quite frankly, I'm not ready for that, and all of a sudden I saw a grid appear out of nowhere in thin air- it was transparent and filled the whole room, but it was also invisible somehow (?) - I could still see it, and each point on the grid was shown to me as a unit of time. This explained how the beings, agents, whomever-- could time travel. 
"Very easily" they said- it was like a lit up game of "Simon" and each place I looked would light up as a unit of time with a relief of a "dot" light image in the center of the grid. "Now you are here in time" the being said. "And now" as another grid lit up while the last one went dark "you are here, experiencing this moment in time, yes?" To which I responded "I guess".  It was very simple, and yet complicated. I wish I had the terminology. 

Over the last several days I've also woken up with strange marks on my body again- the first was a small "cut" about a half an inch angled diagonally at the point where my forehead meets my hairline, right at about the left-center of my head. The second was a *very* strangely shaped "flower" type of bruise on my left abdomen. I also woke up today to go to a check up at the doctor's office, and I felt like something had been placed in my left bicep. It felt like a long straight thin object had literally been placed inside my arm. It was about the shape and size of a piece of dry spaghetti. I moved my arm several times, and the feeling was gone.

"They", whomever they are, are doing *all kinds* of stuff to me lately, and I just wish I could get some answers. It's a very strange, liminal state I abide in. 

For the first time two nights ago, I was also given "trigger" words to write down. I don't know if I should post them or not. 


  1. "It's a very strange, liminal state I abide in."

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Liminal is a great word for it.

    I hope you don't mind it as much, but I've really hated that feeling of having something put inside me since I was a little kid.

  2. Anya,

    Wow, thank you SO much for your openness about these experiences. I think the on-line blog format is absolutely fascinating. What you are sharing ain't foggy memories from a decade ago that you've put in a book. This is very personal and deeply moving

    I had a dream with you in it last night, and it was - strangely - about your hair. I remember almost nothing about it, except that I looked closely at your hair.

    It was in a crowd with other people around, and I felt embarrassed looking so intently. You had the same hair clip thingy that you wore on the TIHO show. I'll add that I was focused on your forehead area. It was just a short fleeting memory. That's all I got on that.

    And - If you don't want to share the "trigger" words, trust your first gut feelings on that.

    peace to you,
    Mike Clelland!

  3. Yes, wildrose, I understand the feeling of invasiveness- very troubling, but obviously if I were in pain or otherwise compromised, I think I would feel it. I am sorry if you have had those sensations though of being "invaded" for lack of a better term. It's like "Who is doing this and why?" It truly is a mystery.

    Thanks, Mike for the interesting add. Hmmmmmmm! I don't know why or where this is leading, but yes, I have been posting because I was asked to, no more no less. But it does help to know others are experiencing this or have this feeling I do too.

  4. "Yes, wildrose, I understand the feeling of invasiveness- very troubling, but obviously if I were in pain or otherwise compromised, I think I would feel it."

    I'm very glad that you aren't in pain or feeling compromised.

  5. Wow, that's interesting. While resting in a state last night which perhaps could also be termed "liminal," I viewed a series of circumstantial cartoons nonstop, mostly about people (males.) At one point with my eyes open I could perceive a green-colored hologram of some kind of object. My soul being existed at a point (in the center of head?) where that hologram was projectible to just a few feet in front of my face. It was discovered just recently, too, that my blood-type isn't "O" as I had entertained for many years, but "B-positive." Thanks for sharing, and be well.

  6. Anya wrote:
    "I have been posting because I was asked to, no more no less."

    Mike C replies:
    I have been posting more out of a feeling of being *compelled* (and that is the PERFECT vocabulary word). I can't help it. Maybe that sounds lame, but it's true - or at least it *feels* true to me.

    I'll also add that it has been fun (mostly), the other feeling I get is of being utterly perplexed. I also use the blog format (selfishly) to try and make sense of some confusing issues and experiences. It has been VERY helpful to me.

    Again - huge thanks for your openness.


  7. Sandra, thank you for that interesting contribution, it sounds incredibly similar to some types of experiences I have had as well. I have also been shown geometric shapes in rapid fire succession as well as the earth's own "grid" that actually is used to power the ships as well.

    Thank you as well, Mike!

  8. Anya, damn interesting; I've had a somewhat similar experience a few times about six years ago, where,a green matrix type, computer screen like image was projected from somewhere out there to right in front of me; and being "downloaded" at me, to me... is the only way I can explain it... it was "rapid fire" also, as you described... I had the sense it had something to do with UFOs but nothing more specific than that... lots more surrounding that but it'll do for now. As always, I am grateful and in wonder at people like yourself, and mike, and so many others who share their experiences so openly.

  9. Thank you, Regan! I would include yourself in that kind statement. We are all beings of a sort meant to come together at this time to share these apparently *not* so unique experiences. I was told by Magenta Pixie from Youtube once that she too was also shown the earth's "grid" which to me looked like a fisherman's net, kind of big, loopy squares rather than tight and neat, but a "grid" nonetheless, and she also said what she was shown was green as well. Interesting corroboration.

  10. Whoops, my mistake, the matrix type computer "screen" you were shown was not what I saw, more a rectangular type of grid that lit up with each section you looked at. But *nonetheless* still fairly similar and then I got the corroboration from Magenta as well of the outdoor earth's grid, yada yada you get what I mean. Thank you for that nonetheless, absolutely fascinating.