Saturday, March 27, 2010

Had bizarre sensation of some kind of cog on a wheel turning *inside my brain* two nights ago

It felt mechanical is the only term I can use. As if there is literally a mechanical device implanted in my head! It was somehow resetting itself or rewinding or repositioning- something a machine would do- it was not organic. It even "felt" metallic, if that makes any sense. It almost felt like a tape cassette rewinding, but *in my head*. 

Dear God, what is happening to me? Seriously. I'm turning into a Cronenberg film.


  1. Whoa, Nelly!!! Okay, that’s interesting because I get those kinds of perpetual motion, ‘mechanical’ images, too, visible in the head chakra but with no sensation. They usually have some color to them, as well, like green, yellow or blue tint.

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  2. Is this communication in metaphor?

    I get the sense that when THEY try and talk with us, there are all kinds of curious "barriers" as the info leaves their consciousness and enters ours. It has to pass THROUGH something (or from, or between?) and in doing so, it might get "converted" into something different. Maybe it just turns into *metaphor* automatically.

    You wrote:
    "... resetting itself or rewinding or repositioning ...

    Now, to me, that is a metaphor for all humanity!

    - and -

    You (more than anyone) are in the fortunate position to simply ask SOURSE what happened.


  3. Mike, you have made some good points. Sometimes when I think abstractly I use a taperecorder metaphor, like "Let's fast forward to the year 2025A.D.", or "Let's rewind back to the 1950s." I suppose that I'm thinking in a movie production or lecture-making type context... Anyways, I agree, looking to SOURCE is always one's best bet. Namaste.
    btw - that 'actroid' remark was a joke.

  4. Hmmm, it was a physical sensation. I don't get the "metaphor" of all of this, it was a physical sensation, as with with clapping your hands, jumping up and down, or slurping soup. Pretty sure it was not a metaphor, but I know how you love that word, Mike, lol!

  5. Anya,

    Oh - believe you, and I trust it was a very real physical sensation.

    And yes - I love the word metaphor, and it's implications.

    You had a very real physical sensation in your head of a "mechanical device ... resetting itself or rewinding or repositioning."

    We, as humanity, are in a desperate place, and it seems like we need to RESET ourselves, to REPOSITION ourselves. The *metaphor* is obvious to me (and I might be wrong).

    The cinematic element is palpable. You even say: "I'm turning into a Cronenberg film."

    Whoever is behind the curtain giving us these clues is doing it in a way that is full of theatrical flourishes, but we aren't watching a stage, we are ON the stage.

    It's okay if these mysterious events "seem" real, but it's much more powerful if they ARE real! It's just more intensely interesting (and maybe more fun).

  6. maybe you were just picking up on some random mechanical device. happens to me occasionally, i woke up in the middle of the night to the feeling of giant fan in my stomach. for some reason i felt strongly it was in the computer on the table nearby.

  7. Anya, I connect the turning wheel to "Spirograph" - you know, the diversion we played with color pens as kids??????? Did your parents purchase that game for you when you were younger?