Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just want to say that I am protesting the ads popping up on this site

I in no way, shape, or form am endorsing Scientology. JMHO, but it's a cult. Just because they believe in a 6 trillion year old alien called Xenu and believe that millions of ETs called "thetans" inhabit the body, I don't actually share their viewpoint. There's crazy and then there's CRAY-ZEE.

Same for Landmark Forum in advance if they want to rip my ad space a new one. They do a fancified vsn. of what we old-timers who remember the 70s used to call EST, which is basically you stand in a room and 40 people scream at you until you confess that you really don't like yourself very much and then they charge you 400 dollars for the privilege of being ripped apart in order to be "re-built". 

Then you take a program of "study" that costs a whole shitload more of Benjamins and then after you've completed some kinda "levels" of "accomplishment", you are required to have mandatory volunteer hours at their call centers to recruit other cult members, ahem, members. 

Then, when you finally have suckered someone on your call list to come in for onea these ***4 hour*** yell-fests, they will then follow up with you for months afterward if you didn't take the bait like I did once and berate you and make you feel guilty for NOT handing over 400 clams for the privilege of being yelled at. 

Total mind-control. 

Thank you!

PS- Here's an update on EST/Landmark Forum- seems I was more than a little in line with this write up of what it was about:



  1. What an appropriate post for that spam to show up on the first comment, lol!

    The first thing that struck me in that link was that Werner Erhard was an encyclopedia salesman. Once again, things that don't surprise me! Multi-level marketing is full of the kind of manipulative and exploitative techniques that cults like Scientology utilize.

    Back in my university days I encountered one of those door-to-door school book sales outfits after attending a meeting advertised as a "summer job opportunity". I sat there during the presentation and was stunned by how obviously manipulative the entire deal was. Ugh, pisses me off! For example, I'm certain that one of the reasons they work those sales people so hard (80 hours+/week) is to ensure that they're too exhausted to resist the constant peer pressure from their "motivational meetings". It took an extraordinary level of mental and verbal gymnastics to tell that pushy f'er, "NO!", lol.

    People exploring the New Age movement, the occult, esoteric topics, etc. should be especially aware of the warning signs of psychological manipulation.

  2. Tell me about it, Chris- I know a couple of new agers who are totally over the moon about what "The Forum" has done for them, and yet they are still some of the most suspicious, paranoid, fear-based people I've ever met.

    One of them is supposedly a psychic and starseed and was one of the first people I did a group channel for who shortly after told me her guides said to stay away from me (I was devastated).

    This was prior to her going into the "Forum" and she's still the same exact troubled, fear-based person she always was.

    Actually, she's kind of even more of an asshole now because I went to hang out at this other new ager's house the other night and it turns out she was there the night before and my name came up and she acted all vague like she didn't know who I was- "I think she channels or something" was the phrase.

    This is coming from the same person who as part of "The Forum" was asked to call me up to apologize for her behavior towards me and she did, and then promptly avoided me and acted like she didn't know me all over again!

    I really hate phonies, and I really REALLY hate phonies who act like they are my friend but aren't even more. If you want to stay away from me, then stay away, but don't pull this passive aggressive avoidance routine. It's unbecoming in the extreme.

  3. Ok, don't click on the chinese script unless you want all kinds of porn spam... just sayin'... Just used my chinese translation software and it was not pretty.

  4. One of the things I've come to understand is that a person may be genuinely psychic/intuitive, but not immune to the self-deceptions and the manipulations of others. Then, of course, there's always plenty of sociopaths/narcissists out there and no spiritual movement can avoid them entirely--although karma seems out to teach some of them a lesson recently.

    For instance, there's someone in my extended family who seems genuinely intuitive. I can see and sense that there's a very compassionate person in there, too, but she's wrapped up in so much extreme right-wing paranoia and what you could call "Catholic fundamentalism" (it's like a horrible hybrid of Opus Dei-style Catholicism and Protestant fundamentalism--very popular in the Deep South). It's so sad and, again, it makes me angry to see this kind of exploitation of otherwise beautiful people. No doubt they consider me to be the one who is "brainwashed".

    I would also like to add another related point here. While understanding oneself as a "starseed" or "indigo child" can be very helpful to a person, these labels can also instill an unhealthy, egotistical sense of superiority in some. I know I'm almost certainly preaching to the choir, here, but I don't think it can be said enough these days. That goes along with telling people that if they think exploring these paranormal/esoteric topics is simply "neat" or "cool", then they could be in for a shit heap o' trouble. Lol, I feel like an old man waving his cane around at the kids, here.

    That devastating feeling that goes along with being shut out for no apparent reason by someone you considered an understanding friend is certainly something I'm familiar with, as well. Very hurtful. It can make discussing your personal experiences in an open, honest manner very difficult.

    You really should see this image of the cover of Werner Erhard's biography at this link : . Now, that is a man who takes himself WAY too seriously, lol. So cheesy! Reminds me of this parody site, I can totally see Werner Erhard with that far-off look on his face saying, "Let me irrigate your barren earth with fresh cream." LMAO