Friday, May 14, 2010

The full interview I did with Aaron McCollum is up on blogtalk radio now

This was incredibly draining and intense for me and I can only imagine for Aaron as well. 
I hope the information is useful for you.



  1. I had listened to the broadcast. Aaron's explanation(s) sound bizarre but are not outside of a realm of credibility. I look forward to future interviews. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for having an open mind. "Bizarre" isn't even the half of it, but speaking from what I have experienced first hand, totally in the realm of plausibility/credibility. L&L A-

  3. I had a longer comment, originally, but, alas, blogspot seems to have eaten it.

    I just wanted to say that I did get the chance to listen to most of this interview. I've heard little about MILABs before, and this was a most enlightening look into the dark and dirty details.

    I've been thinking a lot about the commonality of exploitation in our world recently, and the subject of this interview certainly fits into that train of thought.

    I am both sorry to hear that you've found yourself personally involved in this darker side of things, but also glad that, with the help of Aaron, you've been able to shed light on what's happened to you and others, as well.

    I am astonished by your courage in coming forward with things like this and not holding back, Anya.

  4. Thank you for your kind words, Chris. It was not something I wanted to do initially (re: talking about speaking to ETs, etc), I was asked.

    But now I feel it is a kind of necessity for my safety and for the people involved. The beings told me the more I and Aaron speak up about this, the safer we are.



  5. Anya,

    I watched your two-part interview again on UndergroundUK, and was looking for the Aaron McCollum interivew you're promoting via this thread.

    Pigradio is defunkt and moved to The Liberty Radio Network - you might wanna redo your URL to the interview, I can't find it on The Liberty Radio Network as they don't appear to have a podcast section.

    Otherwise, can you upload an alternative link to this interview?


  6. Mike,

    The link is located immediately to your right of this comment section, and on every subsequent page of this blog- for your future reference, go to the "Links I like" column and click on the interview that says "PIG Radio interview I did with Aaron McCollum about MILABs (Warning: Intense information and MILABs might want to use caution when listening)

    But here is the copied and pasted link if you want to listen now:

    Thanks so much for your interest in this story that apparently keeps unfolding with many players.



  7. Anya,

    thanks for that. My point was, the URL that hangs off the "INTERVIEW HERE" marker in this post links to a dead pigradio location. You might wanna update that link so that other readers can find it.

    I'm listening to it now, so thanks.


  8. Thanks, Mike- the link should be corrected now, thank you for pointing that out.



  9. it seems your link still doesn't work. can't find the interview anywhere else either. ideas? cheers.

  10. Hi, and thanks, Darecap. I have asked Jerry Avalos again for the file and he can't seem to locate it now. It has already been removed (not by me) once before. It's interesting how some of my testimony goes missing...even after re-posting. I wish I could offer you a solution. Unless someone else recorded it or downloaded the file and steps forward, it's pretty much down to Jerry's files. Sorry.