Monday, July 12, 2010

Submit your question now to be in a free channeled E-book I am writing!

Now my guides have gone and done it: they have requested that I make a free E-book filled with questions you the viewers have about the cosmos, time, space, whatever you want. Please no personal questions, just ones as pertains to time, space, "elemental brotherhood of man", emotions, power structures, questions about the so-called "Elite", wars, HAARP, etc. Please limit them to only one or two questions per person.


  1. You can leave your questions here or send them to me at:

    Let me know if you wish to be anonymous or not.

  2. It's not exactly on the list of topics you provided so I understand if this doesn't fit.

    Question: "Could your guides talk about how humanity might feed itself in the future? I don't think the highly intensive, petroleum based, monoculture, agribusiness model is going to function much longer."

    I assume you're pretty up on the topic, but just to be perfectly lucid, the present agribusiness model doesn't really function without cheap oil, both as an energy source and as a material input for pesticides and fertilizers,and other mined resources, like phosphorous, which are also dwindling. Other methods of farming are much more environmentally sound and healthy, but lack the huge calorie yield that Earth's human population has come to depend on.


    PS Anonymity is not required.

  3. Q: Who were the group(s) responsible for the 'contactee cases' of the 1950s and 60s?

  4. Oh, no worries, this definitely counts as being a question that is non-personal, it completely works for me and for them. Thank you for asking! I am getting some fascinating questions and know I am going to have fun collaborating with the beings on answering them.