Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last time I am saying this. PS: I love you and the journey you are on.

Hey, New Agers! It is time to stop acting like the secret government doesn't exist (excuse me "has no reality for you") and accept that many people have been subjected to military abductions, mind control experiments, and the like. 

Hey, anti-NWO and conspiracy theorist types! It is time to start trusting, stop being so paranoid, and understand that you are a magnificent being of light who has lived before and you will live again. So what can the NWO do to you, really?

 I feel like I am going through my parents divorce all over again: Which side should I choose?

 The reality of my story is YES it is light and YES it is dark. That's the *reality* of the situation. 

Don't tell me what the definition of unity is. Unity is many things: for me it is listening and sharing and healing through sharing and listening and showing respect for people's opinions, not just getting together in a field somewhere and sharing a big group hug. Unity has many expressions. 

If I have to talk about being a military abductee, I will. It is a form of healing. If I have to talk about love and light, I will as well. Information is just that. It cannot intrinsically harm you. 

What, are we children here? Because I feel like many of you are behaving as such. GROW UP! Dark as well as light exists! Not just one or the other! We are all incredible manifestors, start acting like one and believe that you can share the dream of unity and oneness in a panoply of ways. Stop being so orthodox within that definition, because what you are doing is creating duality yet again. 

Go dancing with your shadow self. Get over your phobias. Buy your inner angel a drink. Entertain angels unaware. Make friends, not enemies with the "other side" and see what happens. I guarantee you won't get your head bitten off. I've lived to see both sides and I am fine. You are stronger than you realize, children. 

Love and Light,



  1. One of the saddest things about those who maintain an avid interest in all things unmundane is that we often fail to realize our common ground, choosing instead to focus on emotional investments in our personal narratives and philosophies. From this willful ignorance springs a lack of respect. This lack of respect harms not only those to whom it should be given, but, perhaps even more so, those who don't respect others because of differences of opinion/belief. Opportunities to learn are lost.

    IMHO, we are often under the mistaken impression that respect means believing every word, idea, or experience that someone else presents. We forget the simple truth that respect does not mean agreement.

    This dysfunctional dynamic is pervasive these days, especially on "the internets". I know I've been guilty of partaking in it myself on more than one occasion.

    For me, the most important commonality that so many of us share is this "service toward others" orientation (as you mentioned in the previous post). When I recognize that in someone else, it's easy for me to give them the attention and respect they deserve.

    Great rant, Anya!


    Chris E.

  2. About choosing to quit "being so orthodox... because what one does is actually create more duality (usually at unconscious levels)" really starts to make perfect sense to me these days. Thank you for the message. Whooya, your rant kicks a--! (Aretha Franklin music plays in background.)

  3. I don't know why the content is missing from this blog post. I certainly didn't remove it.