Thursday, January 10, 2013

Psychic Confidential

What could possibly go wrong?

Elisa Nicholas of Of The Soul blog has written a hilarious article about a rant that I posted not too long ago here:

Unfortunately, she nails it on the head about what psychos psychics have to deal with on a daily, not weekly basis. Ironically enough, my rant has actually increased, not decreased requests for readings. 
 I think the closer you are in your authenticity, people will respond to it, warts and all!


  1. (Please forgive me my english... it is only my second language and I'm still learning)
    .... But I'm your biggest fan...
    Why do you have fans in the first place? Because you have an interesting story, or maybe because you are good at what you are doing. What kind of people ask for a reading? Usually people with problems, right? Happy people without any kind of problems don't ask you for readings, unless they like you and they want to have a little fun sometimes.
    I don't know how reading in perceived in America, but when people have problems I don't think the first thing they have in mind is to ask for a reading. If they are sick the first person they visit is a doctor not a medium. If the doctor cannot help than they seek advice from another person. Many people have lost faith in doctors and pills (I am one of them) so when the healing is not forthcoming they start to feel a little desperate. This example in my oppinion can be applied in other situations also.
    I think that you are some sort of "final destination". "I have tried everything and nothing worked, so let's go do a medium for a reading, maybe a "paranormal" solution will be provided."
    "They expect you to be a servant to them and they want THE WORLD from you probably because there is nobody else to ask from. You ARE probably the LIMIT. They write "long circuitous emails" because they want you to understand their problems, don't they? When you have a "face to face" reading, the person in front of you "unloads all their" problems "on your back" and they expect you to offer some answer or a solution. A miralcle would be PERFECT.
    When you gave the bases interview you "unloaded" all your problems because you wanted an answer not because you wanted to be a star in a youtube interview. If another medium claims that he can give you answers to your problems wouldn't you "demand THE WORLD" from that medium?
    Sometimes people ask stupid questions... but I don't think that is the case with most of your clients.
    I hope that you will not beat me with a broom but.... if that client who asked about the chees and Venus payed up you would not have been too angry about it :)
    "The bad clients " the stalkers, the sychophants, the star fuckers, the creepy perverts, the users, the drug addicts, the mentally ill, etc..) turn to you probably because they have nobody else left to turn to :)

    1. You misunderstand completely what the purpose of a psychic reading is and what it is for. There is no such thing as a psychic emergency and people who think there is are emotional bullies and manipulators. You are making excuses for bad behavior.

  2. .... jumping to abductions a little bit... you mentioned that you were taken for 30 days in a row and woke up in the morning with strange marks on your body. Do you believe that all your abductions and marks are
    caused by the NSA or Naval Intel? I don't think so. I would rather believe that you were abducted more often by the ET than from MIB.
    Another question... WHO started the ordeal in the first place? When I started to read (see videos) about this subject I thought the MIB are guilty in the first place, but I don't think so anymore. I don't think that you were chosen by the MIB..... you were ALREADY chosen by the ET.... the MIB only tried to take advantage of you. It is the same for the other "supersoldiers"... all of them are connected with the ETs. None of you were chosen at random, or because of you DNA. The ET made the choice long time ago. This is in my opinion the reason why the abduction phenomenon runs for more generations. Who put the chip in your brain? My personal opinion is that the ET. The MIB who are harassing you are again only take advantage of what the ETs did in the first place. I don't want to say that I agree with what MIB did to you throught your life, not at all. But all your posts in this blog are bullets towards the MIB.
    You don't seem to be angry at all with the ETs... you hardly mention them in your blog. Your anger is "channeled" towards the MIB .... "the dark side".
    The ETs are the benefactors who "gave you the birthright of your memories back".
    BUT WHO STOLE THOSE MEMORIES IN THE FIRST PLACE? The MIB? I don't think so. And why have they stolen your memories? Why didn't the ETs gave you your memories back when you were 8 instead of 38? By the way.... Until 2008 (when you were 38 if I'm not wrong) you just didn't had any idea, any indication, any kind of dream that something wrong is happening to you? Your life was normal from all points of view without any kind of "abudction anomalies"? You started to recover bad memories about MIB (eating human flesh, drinking blood and other bad things), but have you recovered any memories about ETs? You just mentioned that you have a daughter and that she is beautiful and she is 9 years old? Does she resembles you? Do you remember being pregnant or having pregnancy "symptoms" mornings sicknes, nausea, missing periods? I know that these are intimate questions and I don't mind if you don't want to answer.
    Sometimes ago you mentioned that MIB knew how many times you had sex in a month and that you felt like being raped. I understand.... but when the ETs showed you your daughter how did you felt? If it was indeed your daughter you must have carried inside you for a little while (2 months at least from what I read), don't you? Have you felt raped? Where you angry when you found out that you have a daughter and you didn't even knew she existed? Have you cried because of joy and the love you felt for her? Since I'm a man and I don't have children it is probably a little harder for me than it is for a woman to understand the bond between a mother and her child, but still.... do you consider it is normal to "have a child without YOUR consent"? Have you chosen the father of that child? What is the difference between a "normal rape" and what the ETs did?
    I hope you will not beat me with the broom to badly :)
    I wish you all the best.....
    I'm your (probably not the biggest) fan.

    1. I don't have time to answer this completely invasive set of questions that I have already talked about ad nauseum in other interviews and written about extensively here on this blog. Further more, you are getting a lot of stuff I said wrong. Re-read what I have written.

    2. Don't recall saying anything about MIBs by the way. Don't know where you're getting that...

    3. I'm feeling pretty raped right now by your line of questioning "Biggest Fan".

    4. And while we're on the topic of rape, just so you know, on account of you're a man and all, so apparently you can't understand this concept (?!), there's no such thing as a "normal" rape. You remind me of a couple of US politicians who said similar things recently in the press...

  3. I had re-read my comments and I have realized I have made some important I want to correct... I have written "If it was indeed your daughter..." I meant If SHE... I don't consider her a thing. I apologize for that.
    I am you biggest fan :)

  4. It's almost like it's on cue...CircleWalk illustrates our point exactly, lol Did you pay this guy? hahaha

  5. Unfortunately irony is often lost on those who most could use it.