Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shit just got real.

So, like I said: do you have my back or don't you? Or are you gonna leave me hanging? 
Are you just like the rest of them or do you have honor?

Because I don't think these boys at the DOD like what I'm saying too much. And it's not because I have a potty mouth. They actually like my potty mouth. They think it's refreshing. Which means it will make it harder for them to hurt me when they inevitably try.

Cold comfort.

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  1. If I was you I wouldn't worry too much. I would guess they're just monitoring you for information. Officially the US government doesn't put too much truck in psychic phenomena. I'm judging by what Dean Radin says. I think if something were to happen to you it would cause them much more trouble than they could afford. To the average person what you talk about sounds like science fiction. Look at the reaction that Whitley Strieber gets. Have you talked to Erica Goetsch? She has similar stories. Good luck. I'm watching.

  2. Unofficially the US government puts a lot of "truck" in psychic phenomena. I'm not interested in what the "official" story is from the US Government, because it's all lies and disinformation. I have my experience and I know what I know. Please watch my story further. The Office of Naval Intelligence is so interested in my story that they came into my home and altered pieces of clothing and did other COINTEL stuff to attempt to make me to think that I was going crazy. I'm not. Glad you're watching, whomever you are, but you don't know my story very well. The secret government is the only government that really matters/creates policy. That sham "government" of the "official story" is what people still pay their taxes to but is an illusion, a front, a facade.