Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Woolsey connections on The Joe Rogan Experience with guest Dr. Steven Greer

At the beginning of the interview, Greer states that the briefing he did for the President was via CIA director R. James Woolsey. 

Greer told him about the reverse engineered tech used by black projects and how it could help humanity if it was released. Woolsey responded with some frustration that he had no access to this black project tech.

When Woolsey wrote the report I mention in the Bases 21 interview as well as in a post on this blog that debased my Grandfather, it was well after his stint as CIA director and by that point was a Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton. 

(Link to blog post and report:

 Greer mentions surface to brain interface via remote viewing and telepathy as the way to communicate with these craft/beings from other worlds/dimensions. 
Booz Allen Hamilton is heavily involved with mind control tech and psi tech. 

I wonder if after meeting with Greer, Woolsey wanted in on a piece of the military R&D action and decided in earnest to start looking into ways he could get some. 

 Greer also mentioned to Woolsey's wife that the UFO tech interfaces with human consciousness which further validates the probability that the telekinesis experiment I participated in in the early 90s was of intense interest to the people involved with my abductions. 

And interestingly enough, Woolsey's interest in this on the timeline corresponds exactly to my experiences with exotic propulsion systems testing and development as well as my military abductions on the timeline: 

I believe Greer said this dinner with Woolsey and his wife happened in 1990. 
I participated in the telekinesis experiment in the spring of 1991.

I'm sure there's a file of my testing somewhere that he or one of his close colleagues saw.

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