Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More wild and Woolsey trips down the New World Order rabbit hole.

Self-professed neocon democrat (?!),  scumbag and critic of my Grandfather, R. James Woolsey, Jr. 
 seen in action pitching the next Wag the Dog incident, Iran.
Paul Begala is right. Washington really is Hollywood for ugly people.
Look at the last link below regarding what my Grandfather had to say that drew the ire of this man. Do you think Grandpa might have pissed The Agenda off? He was a progressive who made lots of people in power unhappy by the friends he made and the things he said. One of the reasons I love him dearly, among countless other reasons.
I want all skeptics who think nothing is happening to me and that I have zilch connection to anything and that I am making stuff up "for attention" to read this post if they read nothing else.

Please note this report was written by the former director of the CIA. I don't come from rubes and charlatans. I don't come from liars. I love my Grandfather and would never besmirch his good name. If the former director of the CIA is criti
cizing him, it's a pretty safe bet the CIA is probably keenly interested in my family tree as well. Which means they're also interested in lil' ol' "fraudulent", "crazy", "attention seeking" me.   
Because you know what they say about apples not falling far from trees.
OH, and yes: lest we forget, I have a little recurring theme in my life lately (and by "lately", I mean  "the past four years of my life"), and that theme is artificial telepathy. And as everyone who's anyone knows, when you want to drug, abduct, and traumatize a civilian using, I dunno, perhaps someone like myself as the recipient of an artificial telepathic mainframe in my head linked up to a neural network so privacy-invasive it knows what you had last night for dinner, you go to 
Booz Allen Hamilton. 
Guess who's also a Vice President at the company of the same name? 
R. James Woolsey, Jr. himself. 
Surely that's gotta be a coinkidink, right? 
Anyhoo, just as a refresher before reading this quote from the report, you are welcome to revisit July, 2012's posts on this blog. They are simply rife with references to Booz Allen. For your convenience, I will attempt to include links here to a couple of the more noticeable ones. 
I leave you to draw your own conclusions on the implications, if any, to all of this.
Posthumous quote from my Grandfather used in Woolsey's report:

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