Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall

This is happening to me. Please watch.


  1. I recently heard Dr Hall on 'The Hagmann & Hagmann Report'. So, more people are becoming aware of this technology.

    How can you defend yourself against it?

    1. In my experience, keeping records of everything, dates, times, photos if possible, has helped. I don't know what to do about the cars in front of my home and the FedEx guy who told me that there was a man surveilling my building for the last four hours though. When confronted, the man doing surveillance on my building lied to me immediately and said he was an insurance adjuster checking out the doctor on the first floor of my building for possible fraud. He then showed me his New York State gov't issued ID which looked fake, quite frankly, and his drivers license that said he was a New York City Police Detective. I have some friends who said he paid the FedEx guy off to tell me this as a scare tactic. Ever since that happened, his car has been outside my building in the evening and is always gone before dawn. So I don't know what to do about that other than talk about it. Stupid me, I was so overwhelmed by that incident that I didn't bother to get the guy's name, I just glanced at his ID because the gov't issued one looked fake anyway. There isn't really anything you can do to stop the harassment I have found short of a lawsuit and prison time for the perpetrators. Many NYPD supposedly are working for intelligence agencies to spy on and torture TIs on the side, but I have yet to find someone legit who can corroborate that. This is only a rumor I have heard that is yet to be substantiated. How do you stop a bully and a coward? You expose them. That is what I have found makes them run away like the little bitches they are.

  2. One person, with an accurately cast "rock" to the third eye, can bring down a GOLIATH.

    Or better yet, a whole bunch of psychic children against the one bully. ;-)

  3. thank you Anya!

    one main thing that amazes me is how there is so much information online that directly relates to mind-control techniques, e.g. Gesture-Based Programming, Primordial Learning developed at CMU. I think 'primordial' is another word for the operation of primitives in the brain stem. (was able to download their PDF this morning)

    I have much faith in God, but am not too afraid to talk about tyrannical topics—especially now. I am currently in discovery mode, as far as mind-control programming is concerned—have started to keep track of trigger words/phrases.

  4. You are most welcome, Nicholas. With God, all things are possible. I call it God. The reader can call it whatever they like. But once someone is hooked into the inevitable All That Is, it becomes apparent that bad behavior and enacting it quickly loses it's flavor and the desire to do bad becomes silly and redundant. When you are really hooked into the Universe, great, wonderful things are possible. Just because someone invented a lock down situation on the brain thousands of years ago and passed it on to their unsuspecting initiates doesn't mean there isn't a way to pick that lock and get out of the prison. Tyranny is just an illusion manifested in the fear state to make you think you have no personal power. That is a lie. The more people who agree with that statement I just made the better in the quantum field, the more lies are exposed, the more truth tellers come out, and so on and so on like the old shampoo ad ;-)

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