Tuesday, September 24, 2013

R. James Woolsey, the love of my life, threatens loss of power while at the same time has people tell me that I would be a civilian telepath liaison in case of loss of power.

Oh you hot stud, you. You really think you're the bees knees, doncha? 

I don't care what you think of me, this really happened:  

I really was told that I would be activated as a civilian telepath liaison in case of catastrophic loss of power, and that I would be linked in a neural network to send and receive messages of a covert nature to then transport to others as necessary. 

 I am beginning, and by "beginning", I mean for years now, to think the people who claim to have been nice to me and wanted what was best for me from the Space Command end of things are not really interested in my well being at all. Beyond what I can do for them, of course. And anyone who knows about this and what's been done to me needs to tell people about it and produce results that would help me for once. 

You will be the one who suffers if you remain silent, not me.

And I want a lawsuit against the people who did this to me. Now. 

Am really starting to think that Booz Allen Hamilton is behind this as well. Seeing as R. James has such a violent crush on me and so forth. 

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  1. This subject is getting some attention at present. Your efforts are paying off!
    Booze and all the Beltway Bandits are in on it. Ex 3 letter soup agents that are now private contractors. We will bring these cowards into the light and expose them individually one peanut head like your 'friend' there at a time!