Saturday, December 7, 2013

Family captures shocking UFO sighting in Colorado that looks almost exactly like the one I saw in 2008

This looks A LOT like the "wedding cake" style UFO I saw on August 15th, 2008 outside of my apartment building, except that the underside of mine was lit up with an intense, welder's torch-level blue-white bright light in a ring that looked like a round fluorescent tube under the craft. Mine also had a distinct slight wobble to it in motion and a metallic "medicine ball" shaped "mascot" that had a red light, a blue light and a white light on it that trailed behind it. My sighting object(s) came out of a single point of light in the sky that then morphed into this craft seemingly instantly. It also flew right over my building completely silently just as this person describes. Regardless if this is real or a hoax (I sincerely doubt this is a hoax, but whatever), this looks almost exactly like the floating craft I saw in '08.


  1. Somebody has the chance to film an ufo like this and will film it only 10 seconds????????????????