Sunday, December 15, 2013

Looking forward to Tuesday.


  1. I love the message of this video. Do you think it possible those you posted this for can heal though?

  2. Great song :) I wonder who was the intended recipient of this post and it's message Anya?

  3. The intended audience for this blog post message is shaking in their boots they are so scared. They are not happy at all with the posting of this message . I am sorry they feel so much fear, but whatever. They dish it out but they can't take it. They ate all the food in the restaurant and then are shocked when they have to pay the bill. No matter if they heal or not, although it'd take a pretty big set of men and women to heal from sociopathy. They won't. They'll wither on the vine and die like so many scoundrels throughout history: lonely and isolated and cornered and afraid. Couldn't have been helped. The truth comes out whether they like it not. They don't like it. I used to care, but I've since learned a thing or two about sociopaths. They don't care about you so compassion is wasted on them as well. Don't spare the rod with these people. And yes, I will continue to meet with the people they didn't want me to meet with and no we will not have a blowout and cease ties like all the others before them because these people I am in contact with now are not crazed lunatics like the last 27 super soldier hot messes before them. And they are going to pay for the hot messes they created as well. Sorry, Charlies. Time's up. You're done, stick a fork in ya.