Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Scalar Scandal!

Corroborative evidence of my claims in the Bases interviews that I can heal people as well as fix & open time portals utilizing bioenergetic scalar wave energy inside me as well as drawing information from the planet. 

I did not know this information beforehand, the scalar wave answer when asked how I did this was given to me by my guides in real time and no book or video about the topic was viewed beforehand. Apparently this is Tesla technology, which I didn't know beforehand either. 

We all have this ability whether we realize it or not, I'm not special in this regard. 
But there might be some technology used inside of me that I'm not aware of that gets activated at certain points depending on who or what needs me for something. 

Just sayin'. I can't explain these incidents away, I saw something open in the sky that I was told was activated by my pineal gland. If you want to ignore science and make this about how "insane" I am, be my guest. 

But I can't rationalize my experiences away by gas lighting and having people tell me that I am psychotic. 

There are physical, tangible means by which people can indeed open portals, it's just information you need to know only when you are ready for it. 

Or, conversely, you are hijacked by it and someone takes you over and uses you like the marionette puppet they want to use you for - all the more reason for you to fight for your sovereignty and the responsible opening of your third eye. 

Beings hijack people day and night- do you want the intelligence apparatus to play you like a fiddle, or do you want to hunker down, roll your sleeves up, and get to business on all the missed days of homework you didn't do because consensus reality tells you this stuff isn't real even though they are hiding it from you and lording it over you day and night?

Please learn about alternative and suppressed energy before you cast aspersions at my claims. 

My guides said to me the other day "Humanity is a dive bar who didn't know it was a palace." 

I stand by my claims.

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  1. Hey Anya,
    I hope everything is well with you and yours. I have a question you may be able to help answer. Perhaps not, no big deal either way but I thought I might ask. Here it is. I had a series of dream bits( best I can describe them.) It was almost as if someone or something was testing me or how I would react to different stimuli. Most of it was kind of negative but that’s not what bothers me. What I find interesting was the feeling of being a test subject. It was also interesting because at one point I remember saying, “ I can travel through wormholes. Or rather my consciousness can!” It was very exciting. I kept seeing these tiny little circles and spirals made of like a blue light. It looked as though they were connected to tunnels of some kind that could expand. I think that’s why in the dream I thought “wormhole”. I could manipulate them with my fingers. I sensed my consciousness could travel through them if I worked at it. The reason I say my consciousness and not my body is because this new thing I was seeing seemed separate than the rest of my surrounding space. I could see my environment but right on top of that image was this light blue semi-translucent screen; like it was happening in my mind. Then I spun my pointer finger in these little circles and I suddenly saw what looked like 2 microbes or something super imposed. Thinking on it now it was like my vision was suddenly able to see these 2 little organisms on a microscopic level! All of a sudden it stopped. I was transported to a totally different dream sequence. It was like someone/something else had dual control over what was happening in my dream and for whatever reason decided that they/it didn’t want me doing that. So it dropped me in another scary life or death situation instead. I woke up almost immediately after that.