Friday, April 4, 2014

Former World Bank Lawyer and Whistleblower Karen Hudes corroborates prediction and comments I made in the Bases interviews as well as here

I do not know this woman, but man is she ticking off all the marks on the boxes for my checklist of real deals. 

Highly worth watching, even if she doesn't have all the answers. 
You may not agree with her on all points, but I had to concede that this woman was definitely on the mark about who really runs the show. 

I also am optimistic and believe it is easy and non-violently possible to overrun these liars in their smugly self-titled "Network of Control" and make sure that the world doesn't see World War 3--ever.

 All that is required to make sure this system is eradicated is humanity's full awareness of the situation. 

(Don't look to mainstream media to do that for you, by the way.)

At the very least, watch the first hour or so. 

She talks about Syria being an attempt by this same "Network of Control" to create thermonuclear war which failed, and then at about the 17:35 mark or so, she states: "...on the 8th of October (2013, ed.), there was supposed to be a nuclear device detonated on Charleston so there would be massive panic and the bankers could grab control. That didn't happen either."

Senator Lindsey Graham, the mouthpiece for the "Network of Control" on this and giving out info in a speech in the Senate ahead of time also mentioned New York's harbor as a target in reference to this event, which I also mentioned accurately as one of the targeted cities. 

Here is a summary of what I wrote of the prediction on April 20th, 2013:

- Radiological event 
Suitcase bomb, "Pearl", "dirty" (nuclear)

- Could be in lower Manhattan, New York City or a city or cities with lots of bridges crossing large     bodies of water in its geography. 

- Planted at a Chase bank or financial institution?

- Water is involved

- Lower Manhattan Financial district
- Domestic terrorist

On September 5th, 2013, the following report was made (about a month ahead of the October 8th deadline Hudes mentions):

Link to my full blog post:

 interesting that I picked up that a bank was involved somehow as the "target" when in fact it was the financiers at the banks themselves planning this deceit/false flag. Sometimes the wires get crossed in translation, of course. As I have said, this isn't an exact science what I do even if there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. I have to take a big basket filled with jumbled up yarn metaphorically speaking and try to untangle it all. 
But make no mistake, the yarn is definitely in the basket!

She then mentions that this didn't happen because "the three strongest military entities, the Chinese, the US, and the Russians understand the coalition."

I have stated categorically many times that I felt people on the inside in the military who are white hats have been saving our asses time and time again because of a link, or a neural network of people on the inside who are hooked up to algorithms, game theory, signs and portents, and intelligence that is not got through normal means. Whether or not I too played any small role in heading this off at the pass, I am eternally grateful for the people who had the common sense to stop this nonsense.

Now, here's the really weird part: in the Red Ice interview as well as many others like this one:

 Hudes also mentions something that corroborates my statements in the Bases interviews about how the people running the show at the very top are "Not human":

Thank you again and always, whomever you are protecting all of us.
(Numb)skullduggery by the likes of these failing perpetrators will not happen while you are keeping watch. 

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