Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some connections

           Anya Briggs
May 14
It's coming. I can feel it
maybe not in a month, but it'll happen
some- event horizon thing
some incontrovertible thing
some turning point
some paradigm changer
its happening

So... They discovered this on the 12th of May for Twitter, but on the 14th of May made the official announcement on the show -- I swear I hadn't heard of any of this at that time. 

But please note the date that I made the comments on Facebook (see above.)

(I am mentioned on this show at 2:23:00 mark... I'm sure that's just a "coincidence")

Remember: Aaron talks about undersea bases. 
He also most likely abducted me in at least one MILAB, maybe more. 
Neither he nor I know for sure, but he and I don't deny it either. Signs from my direct, personal experience however are definitely pointing to a big, fat YES on the old Magic 8 Ball, though.
 (I've talked about this ad nauseum on my interviews, listen to those for more.)
Again: what are the odds.

The below link are images pieced together attempting to make sense of a recovered memory I have of being in a white submersible with an unidentified young man, James Rink and Max Spiers.
In it, we have all arrived at an undersea base or city that is covered in big glass domes. For some reason I want to say this is under the Caribbean. I still don't know what this is about, could very well be a virtual reality simulation being run in my head for all I know. But it is not a hallucination. 
In it, a white octopus swims up to the window and Max points it out to me. I look and it slowly morphs into a hideous, fang-toothed, white faced alien with a head not unlike an octopus.
(This could be a screen memory being dissolved, the octopus of course being the screen for the alien. This guy is-- really-- hard to look at.)
He is wearing a dark green body suit that looks like it could have very small "scales" on it (for some reason I know the "scales" have photoelectric cells on them to power the ship he was just on- symbiotic technology) and he is physically underwater without any breathing apparatus I can see docking the submersible to one of the smaller "glass" (or whatever material it is looking like glass) domes of this undersea base/city.  
The memory ends. 

Then this whole thing:

Or was it this Del Rey?

I have no idea why I wrote this next one. Just one of those things, I guess:

Please note, again, without knowing a thing about Jimmy Church & Co's. discovery what I wrote in the search engine terms. Among many oddities, one of the phrases I intuited to include in it was the term OPEN SOURCE. Hmmmm.... What's an example of an "open source"?

(Source: Google Earth)

Speaking of search engine terms, I knew what it meant, but because it kept popping up, I looked up "Event Horizon" as a search engine term. Turns out it's an actually not bad sci-fi thriller from the 90s that I watched right after I saw the search engine result pop up with Laurence Fishburne in the Captain Kirk role of the film's plot that could be described as a sort of "responding-to-a-distress-signal-meets-Alien-meets Tarkovsky's Solaris-meets-Stargate".

Everybody succumbs to space madness and the ship "eats" them in their fear and paranoia from the temporal distortion/hallucinatory state the wormhole creates. Except it's not entirely clear if they are actual hallucinations or not.

It's worth a look, it's on Netflix! 

Anyway, the "Event Horizon" in the movie is the name of the space ship the search and rescue party comes to find, but also is the turning point for failed wormhole travel into the unknown.
The results are pretty messy. 

My boys told me something like this event really happened and they sent me on a search and rescue remote view, which kind of pisses me off, actually, and I told them as much. 
I am not to be used for cats stuck in trees and "have you seen my missing puppy" missions. 

Anyway, what I came up with was that the ship ate the people on board. 


You read that right. 
The ship ate them.

That is all, Prime Directive! 

Signing off, 

Capt. Jean-Luc Picard

UPDATE: Thursday, May 29th, 2014:

The following information was partially received telepathically and partially intuitively by me 
at 4:57 pm ET:

I think this all has to do with ancient underwater ET bases that have been taken over almost entirely by the secret government/secret space program/the CIA and wormhole tech that's being kept hidden along with everything else. The sky above the area where this place is is an entry point/galaxy point/wormhole trajectory that's been used for thousands of years and the US govt is coming clean about this through limited means, limited exposure. They are "slow-dripping" disclosure the hard way because they don't want to give up what they have but their hand has been forced by outside forces who want this coverup to end. I don't know who these outside forces are but they are a combination of people from all over the world (and the galaxy) who want humans to be self-determined and to inform their own future by whatever means further solidifies humans existence on Planet Earth and their ability to safely and responsibly travel the stars. 


  1. Anya, are you in the Uri Geller caliber of psychic mediums? Have you ever channeled the spirit of Lilith?

  2. I don't think about what my "caliber" is, I just do what I do. I do the work and let it speak for itself. Not interested in preening or comparisons. I don't channel anymore, and if I did, it most certainly would not be Lillith. I am not a Satanist nor am I interested in any crap connected to "channeling the spirit" of this or that person. I am a messenger. I do not lose consciousness when I receive the information I receive. I am not in contact with any spirit that I am aware of by the name of Lilith. I am not a spoon bender (at least consciously at any rate) although I have met people who are. I don't work for the CIA or am a double or triple agent (again, at least consciously). I have been approached and asked to work with them, however. I refused. Please take a look at the right hand side of this blog. There are many interviews I have done. You are welcome to listen to them all. That should answer your question for yourself. I am not here to tell you where I fall in the canon of psychic ability. Where my ability falls within is within the proof and evidence of my claims. Nothing else. Blessings, Anya

  3. That should be UNLIKE Geller, I am not a double or triple agent working for the CIA. Yes, he later admitted that he was working for special forces, this is no secret. So so much for intel agencies and military intelligence not being interested in psychic ability. Both him and James Randi are working for the same people. What a surprise.