Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What's Up With The Black Budget?

It has never been easier to go down the rabbit hole and find out as an American the lies that have been perpetrated against our people in the name of "national security", the coverup of the ET reality, etc- but most people in the US lack the curiosity and the ability to ask vital questions to see this. 

Most Americans don't know what they should know. Most are incredibly naive and do not have an awareness of history, most have never even heard Eisenhower's parting speech that asked them to beware the buildup of the military industrial complex-- most don't even know that most private corporations in bed with the military are basically de facto extensions of the government, but because of corporate personhood status are not subject to freedom of information requests and auditing. 

Most Americans don't even know that 4 trillion dollars went missing from the federal budget from 1998-2002. Most Americans are not aware that the vast majority of those lost funds were siphoned into the secret space program (where much of the technology was taken and reverse engineered from crashed craft.) Most Americans actually think their tax dollars go where they say they are going, even though the money isn't going there, and most Americans are not aware that over 47% of every tax dollar they make goes straight into the military industrial complex. 

The media, owned by corporations beholden to these same interests, have no interest whatsoever in exposing this fact, nor is the academic or scientific industrial complex either for fear of losing funding. Most Americans are not aware that other reverse engineered technologies in the fields of nano tech and others are being developed to be used AGAINST the American people in the event of martial law or other civil unrest as a result of the inevitable bankruptcy of the United States due to unlimited funding siphoned from said Americans own tax dollars going into nothing more than the Breakaway Civilization that has been quietly building underground bases and UFOs and other hyperliminal exotic propulsion systems that can go to the ALREADY COLONIZED Mars in under six hours. 

Most people don't know that the place is already rigged and the elites like Donald Rumsfeld and others have been signing away on the dotted line the freedoms of each and every single American citizen for years in service to the "Great Plan" these globalist motherfuckers have had in mind for centuries that is about to come to fruition- they want to leave the planet and leave us all behind in destruction.

 I think this "Great Plan" will fail, but it requires awareness on the part of the majority of Americans, and 3 to 5 million awake or so is not going to be enough to topple the secret government that has built itself stealthily over decades with technology far surpassing the mainstream. 

It is going to take at least a third of the population to wake up and smell the coffee- 100 million people. Maybe 20 million can do it, but then you have to deal with the military and the Yanks inside there who are crazy enough to want to topple America- those people on the inside are Nazi Satanists, holdovers from Operation Paperclip- they are nut jobs and messianic delusionals who don't care about you or anyone else other than themselves. 

There is a pocket of America who are increasingly connecting the dots, I would say about 3 million or so and growing, who know full well what the military industrial complex is doing. I think a tipping point can be reached once a sincere public dialogue can take place about all of this (for more, research Catherine Austin Fitts incendiary article "What's Up With The Black Budget?" ) 

Once consensus can be reached/ hits about 20 or 30 million aware of this phenomenon, watch out. But until then, wake up your friends and family and send them this incendiary article Fitts wrote and discuss it to your heart's content:

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