Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why Cameron's Scared Of Scottish Divorce: Russell Brand The Trews (E147)

This is awesome. 


  1. What is your opinion on the hollywood types like him that say things we all want to hear, but are inevitably part of the "club". How do we take them seriously?

  2. What "club" are you referring to? The Stork Club?

  3. I'm in the entertainment industry. I've hung out with tons of people in this mythological "club" you are referring to. Why should you take me seriously? Why take anyone seriously? He's a highly amusing and funny person who is also highly intelligent and using his critical thinking facilities and the combination is -- highly entertaining. He makes me think. Is he supposed to "do" something else by what he's saying? "Telling you what you want to hear"? What would you prefer? That he tell you things that are in favor of scumbags like Cameron? How do you think he "wields" "influence"? He tells people voting is irrelevant because we are beyond dualistic mindsets of "left vs. right" etc etc. I think what he's doing is elucidating very clearly what he thinks and feels and sincerely believes. That's all he can do. He's not mind controlling you. It's not a trick. And I think you are giving far too much power to this "Club", so much so that you don't trust your own ears. You've also been a little too deep into conspiracy theories. There's a thing called nuance, and it's utterly lacking in the conspiracy "community". Funny, because the conspiracists have had a good time making shark chum out of things I've said and called me all kinds of ridiculous things too that aren't true. So do with that what you will. Try not to fall prey to the Conspiracy spin and hatred as much as the official propaganda machine's.

  4. Hi Anya,

    I discovered your blog recently, while researching Mk Ultra (A recent discovery as well). Mind blowing subject. :O

    Thank you for your insights in the comment section. I had questions about him, due to such a wide range of theories about him. I've read info over the years about higher evolved souls that are infiltrating the Elite's systems, who are benevolent for the population - serving as a mole of sorts. Would Russell fall under this category? It's an amazing time right now, alot of changes are afoot.

    Thanks =)

  5. Yes, Joy, I think that might be true. I know I am one of them. Not trying to be arrogant, just know it. I have had tremendous opportunities to mingle with the very people the Conspiracy community say are part of the "black cabal" etc, and some of it is true and some of it is complete bullocks. But some of it is real. The mind control part and the more-than-casual-use-of-satanism part is very, very relevant and true to that experience/reality for the ones who really are allowing themselves to be taken over by it and I do think there are people in the middle of all that who are freethinkers who are not mind controlled, who see things as they are, who are perceptive who are here to shake things up. It's not a coincidence that Russell knows a bunch of people I know as well and I am sure there's bound to be some overlap (maybe) at some point. I would love to meet him. I dare say I don't like one of his friends whom I know at all and yet the conspiracy community thinks he's one of theirs and isn't - and yet this influential writer on 2012 whom all these people, including Russell, have gathered round the fire over at places like Burning Man and Reality Sandwich (hint, hint) events and looked up to him with childlike wonder as he pontificated the nature of things fail to realize is that this 2012 guy knowingly and willfully allowed a demon to possess him to further his career. I mentioned this info about this person who knows me and Russell that I intuited to a couple of his many, many 19 year old girlfriends (he's nearing his 50s, the minute they reach 23 or so, they've long passed their expiration date for him) and they both confirmed that he did a ceremony and that there is a demon who possesses him to further his career. Literally. So oh well! That's how the stone rolls! I'm sure Russell knows none of that part about this person we both know. It doesn't matter, Brand's shaking things up, disturbing the programming. I wish he wouldn't be such esteemed friends with said influential writer for many in the conspiracy community, however. But that's up to him.