Sunday, September 14, 2014

Woah. Heavy, Man.

The Multidimensional Labyrinth: 
More a maze of connections that add on depth and awareness and experience
 rather than a series of disjointed discoveries.

Am currently and willingly experiencing a crisis of realities here. It's hard to speak of multidimensionality in existence and not be affected by it personally. It's one thing to speak of it, and I do, and another to experience it entirely on a 24-7-365 basis. 

The current crisis (or advanced ability, take your pick), and it speaks loudly for me now, is the fact that I can "see" people in higher self, I am aware of who they are in that state, and the relations we have together, what separates us, what brings us together, our past life history, who we REALLY are as opposed to this meat suit we have chosen to walk around in as one role (as opposed to many roles), and what that means in terms of confrontation, affinity, ability, tasks, etc. 

In laymen's terms, I am being driven by the insanity of multidimensionality right now and even though it's grand, and at times tricky, it's more falling apart to come together than just falling. 

To strive to walk the line and go between worlds and try to show people with words and energy and frequency is tough. You run the risk of running your mouth off, starting fights, causing mayhem, because you really know that this flesh suit is just a show, an act, a 3D Vaudeville Grand Guignol we have chosen as infinite beings to live in a temporal space in a certain reality, and in a place that, I am able to in real time see- yes, see with my inner and outer eyes- the way things "really" are. And while they may not be analogous to the onion and the layers, they are ASPECTS of reality. They build on us. They add to our experience. They multiply meaning and hopefully create ganglia that branch out for more experiences and hopefully more meaning.

That is all.  You get to choose how you wish to look at it. If you choose, that's called growth. If you don't, you have chosen to be stifled/stymied/controlled/conformed/contained. Nothing wrong with that. It's all about soul growth and what your human form can use in the container and how much you want the container to contain. 

So much information can be overwhelming at times, as I can attest. You get to choose how to use the container, how it looks, what you can do with it, you get to change the size of the container as well with how much data it will hold inside it as well. If you want to upgrade, you get downloads from the Universe, and the universe will give you an upgrade. Simple as that. 

There are players, there are games. There are game pieces. That doesn't mean the board is the sum total of reality, however. Getting caught up in chess pieces is missing the point (and missing the fun of spontaneity as well, I might add). It sucks the life out of life to always have a stratagem, always be keenly observing, when you realize that we are BE-INGs too! 

Do I sound like I took one too many hits of acid at the Free Rock Festival and am now sitting in the chill out tent? 

Well, so be it! This stuff is tough to describe, man! You just have to decide for yourself if it's a rabbit hole you want to go down, because eventually if you do (and I know you will, come kicking or screaming, it's one of the things your heart most wants if you are visiting this site whether you consciously realize it or not), you will fall down it and retrieve something in the depth of the ocean or you won't,  but if you don't, that's your choice. 

Life's what we make it, but life is also what we CHOOSE to become aware of. Take it or leave it. 
We have infinite choice, we have infinite freedom within the realms of systems equalizing, and that is the system within ourselves. 

And systems are completely Cray-Cray at the moment. The Veil is lifting for those of us who are open. To those who aren't, I wish you well. 
And I wish you well on your journey if you are just starting out. 
When you start this journey, what you think is chaos is the maddening, still, open eye at the center of the storm. You are actually looking into potential and potential stares right back at you, and if you can't handle it, you will experience discombobulation. There's no other way to say it. It's unpleasant at times. Confusing. Free will is a choice. It's destiny. It's not supposed to be a warm blanket always.

Those who think they can read it in a book can't. 
They have to experience the frequency and join in the dance themselves. 
They have to open up to frequency and step in.

I know, Neil. It's hard to grok. I'm trying to grasp it myself as well. 

However, if you are feeling stuck and reeeaaaallllllyyyyy want to step in by means of reading it in a book (ahem!), might I suggest taking a look at this channeled information. 
And I know,  99% of channeled material is crap. 
And that's coming from someone who used to channel. (Briefly).  

But I learned a valuable lesson in that the choice was made long ago to pursue this tunnel or not. Most people can't channel very well, but when they do, they are red hot. 

This is a series of written transmissions from who knows where, call it Higher Self, call it The Collective Unconscious, call it Late For Dinner, I don't care. 

But it made sense to me and there were a number of sychronicities even in the form of whole sentences in some of this writing
 that corresponded exactly, precisely to my current dilemma/crisis/opportunity/breakthrough/what have you. 

I make my bouncing boards living human beings because they breathe and they are men and women who are sentient and who live and I like that. 

If the written word is your hang, though, this written info is pretty interesting (and I think comes from a pretty benevolent place). I have no idea who the author is, I've never heard of this channel before, I'm obviously not a strong endorser of channeling and I am not being endorsed by this site at all, they don't know me and I don't them, but whomever they are hooked into's words resonate with me strongly, so I take it. 

And as a clever aside (because I am just so clever and all), it struck me as funny that while we are on the topic of creating bridges between two worlds, the literal translation of my birth name
Anya Briggs means "Graceful Bridge". 

And that is in fact what I do. I am a bridge between two worlds. Or twenty. 
Or however many it takes to get you to look at this stuff and take it seriously. 


Have fun with that! 

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