Sunday, November 1, 2009

I heart Mike Clelland/PAY FOR IT, PEOPLE

Or as he signs off, Mike Clelland! (Anyone who signs off with an exclamation point at the end of their name is a-ok with me)

Had an INTENSE, really great six hour phone call with the guy yesterday (fittingly enough, on Halloween), very moving at points- this calls to mind several conversations I have had by phone with other contactees/experiencers, and they all seem to find me or I find them in pretty much the same manner Mike found me- it's like a magnetic pull, and then we spill the beans with each other for hours, and it always feels like a long-lost friend or family reunion. As in, I KNOW the guy as a family member or from a long time back in school without that being the case, of course -- very interesting experience.

Anyhoo, the guy is a multi-talented force of nature. Subscribe to his AMAZING blog. Hire him to draw incredible artwork for you. Pay for one of his incredible,
MacGyver-esque, survive-in-the-woods-with-nothing-but-a-stick-of-gum-and-a-bowl-of-marbles tours he gives for ultra-light backpacking trips.

Here's links to his sites:

Do I sound like an NPR Fall Fundraiser? I don't care, y'alls need to understand something: most of the experiencers and contactees I know (including me) are DEAD BROKE. I am talking BROKE. Did I mention BROKE ASS BROKE? We do what we can to come into your worlds and do normal stuff and then go back to ours and have our regular visits with destiny and some inter-dimensional benevolent reptilian healer named K'taah, or some cat-faced Lyran who is doing etheric surgery on our stomach to remove emotional blocks, but doing so tends to put a damper on the funds.

If one of us has a service or product we provide, and you like our story and want to read about or hear more, request our services and pay for them. This supports our efforts and gets the word out further faster without us hyperventilating into a paper bag because we can't pay the rent that month.

We are not Wal-Mart. We are not a trans-national corporation. We are not, for the most part, tenured professors at Ivy League schools and this "contactee thingy" is just gravy. This is our life. We are for the most part, independent contractors because the stuff that happens to us is so outlandish, it makes it nearly impossible to lead a 9 to 5 life.

Most of us literally are walking such a narrow financial tightrope, and are just barely able to provide this information to the world while probably fretting about whether or not the DSL service used to make the videos we make will be on next month, and yes, we all asked for this, but there is such a thing as reciprocity. If I can't keep my lights on, it's a pretty safe bet you won't be being entertained by my tales of astral visits to Sirius B to speak to an Intergalactic Council, now will I? And as opposed to really bad science fiction, this is really happening to me!

Enough with the haters saying this should be free. 95% of what I give of my information is free. But let's be realistic, people. I ain't gonna take a vow of poverty and wear a hair-shirt just to satisfy some skeptic's idea of "legitimacy" and you shouldn't either. The NESARA Act hasn't passed yet, so until that magical day happens, let's try to spread the love AND the cabbage around just a little bit.

(I will also definitely consider barter: I need help with web design/promotional materials/PR in a big way... just sayin'...If you have skills to do any/all of that, please send me samples/links of your work and if I think it's appropriate for what I am doing, let's talk.)

Email me at: for rates and scheduling for an appointment.

And I love you even if you don't pay for a reading, but I will be much less stressed out about the electric bill if you do pay!

(FYI, sorry, guys, but due to the sheer volume of high strangeness that happens to me and the amount of time it takes place in, at this time I cannot do free readings requests anymore. If I am compelled to give a free reading, I will certainly do so, and do so still quite a bit, in fact most of my readings are free. But if you are requesting a free reading, due to financial and time based limitations, that is no longer possible.)




  1. Yesterday I had a paradigm altering life event. When I hung up the phone - after six hours, a few tears and a lotta laughs - I felt like I had been in the spin cycle with the washing machine lid clamped down.

    Here's what I wrote in my blog:

    ...I fully recognize that I just got hit with a big "whammy" and my head is still vibrating like a gong. (like a cartoon character that gets hit over the head with a frying pan, and then vibrates for a few extra beats) I know that I'll need to let the tone settle down a little before I can attempt to calmly organize my thoughts and emotions..

    WHEW! She's right, our phone call was extremely intense!

    And she's right on the second count too. We are both poor! Not in spirit (especially her). Whatever is going on, this strange SOMETHING has made it almost impossible for me to stay focused on any kind of paying work. I feel like a mad scientist (or maybe the village idiot) and money seems to evade me.

    What she says is true, for both of us!


  2. I tend to have the "I just got my head smashed between two gongs" effect on people. That's me. The personification of subtle, lol

    Great talking with you, Mike!

    L&L A-

  3. Hello, Anya and Mike. It's so good to read that the two of you had gotten an authentic chance to connect. First hearing about Anya Briggs, for me, it had something to do with David Wilcock and a person named "Dru" who can be seen through YouTube. I looked at some of Mike's blog pages -- cool stuff! I'm also an artist, but I don't scan or take pictures of my work. ☏