Monday, January 25, 2010

Members of US Space Command (Secret Gov't Space program) stepping forward re: disclosure/removing Rockefellers from equation/portal (stargate) space travel

This absolutely corresponds to what I was told some 8 or 10 months ago from John Barkley (my Solar Warden/Secret space program contact) and what the beings told me-- they said that members of the top secret space program would start speaking out about the said program and that it definitely 100% had to do with disclosure and stargates/time portals (what I do).

They told me "Others will step forward in the next year". This was in 2009 when they told me this. Apparently it seems to be happening!


  1. This was a wonderful video. There's also a wealth of information about fourth density, Earth Schumann resonance, antigravity systems, crystallizing dna structures and merkivah. What an exciting epoch we live in.

  2. Interesting video. You might enjoy our synchronicity blog. - Rob

  3. Thank you, Trish and Rob! Will definitely check it out.