Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not only is he into channeling, Brad Pitt's way into the whole alien thing, apparently

Ok, so Dark Void is, according to the creator: "Set in an alien dimension... a cargo pilot (Will) takes a detour through the Bermuda Triangle, ends up in "The Void", where humanity has been subjugated by these aliens called The Watchers (from Sumerian times) Will, a ragtag gang of rebels, and Nikola Tesla (?! Awesome, ed.) start on a quest to get back home and slam the door in the aliens face."

Apparently Plan B, Pitt's production company, is interested in making Dark Void into a film with Pitt possibly playing the role of Will.


Not sayin'. Just sayin'.

Brad, if you and your people need a consultant on the paranormal/channeling/psy abilities/contactees/black ops programs/whatever, CALL ME.


  1. From what I've read, the game is kind of lame; so the chances of being brought into a movie are pretty scarce right now —pity, since a story with Nikola Tesla is always a cool idea.

  2. Since when did lame ever stop Hollywood from doing anything, lol