Sunday, January 10, 2010

Upcoming appearances and a hemp necklace for your troubles

I will be doing readings at my first psychic fair on January 17th! Very excited about this; come by and say hello and get a special show rate thirty minute reading if you are in or near Clifton!

The deets:

Event: "Meet the Mediums" Psychic Fair
Date: Sunday, January 17th, 2010
Inner Peace Center
259-261 Crooks Avenue
Clifton, NJ
Tel: (973)246-9946
Hours: 12-6 pm
Reading rates for the show: $30 for 30 minutes.

Am also thinking about signing up for the following event, the Evolve Yoga and Music Festival, which is very hemp necklace. Ya knows I love my mellow, Tiva-sandaled, jester hatted people and jester hatted iguanas. (See sketch below to figure out what the Sam Hill I mean.) Haven't signed up yet, but I am 99% inclined towards doing this and think it will be very evolved. It's in early September. Has anyone heard about this event or actually gone to it? Feel free to leave any feedback about your experience with the Evolve Fest in the comments section. Will keep ya posted if/when I have finalized a space!


  1. Anya has a way with words, and she can precisely sum up one of the major issues with all this stuff. There is a lot of heavy-handed (an laughable) fodder in the realm of the new-age. How to be ourselves in this funny little pool of nuttiness?

    Below is a well composed sentence (from you-know-who) that accurately describes my quandary over the new-agers - me included.

    "...treacle-y Unicorn-puking-up-lavender-glitter ..."

    Well said!

  2. Love the clip! You might want to drop a line to the guy who writes the "Boldly Serving Up Wheat Grass" blog. He writes about attending several festivals of that genre.

  3. Mike is a superfan!

    Thanks Mikey, thanks musingegret!

  4. I have read that semenancy is the ultimate goal of the reptilians. Could this possibly be true?

  5. Uhhhhh.... you would know better than I, sweetheart. I'd never even heard of semenancy until you brought it up. That's quite the topic you've chosen for yourself! You've practically written a thesis on the subject! Wouldn't put it past some of them, though...

    L & L