Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just had another lovely communication with the beings about the planetary grid.

I just had an urge to look out my bedroom window, and even though it wasn't visible, my eye was directed towards a spot in the sky that seemed to be like heat waves radiating off tarmac on a hot day-- my eye was drawn to that spot in the sky and suddenly it seemed to radiate from the center of the spot and a very friendly non-earth being began cheerfully telling me via telepathy that "they" had lifted the vibrational frequency of earth's grid recently to facilitate and make much easier collaborations amongst earth's humans. 

They told me "Love, hate, desire-- it is all gearing people towards more collaborations"- Definitely this has been an extraordinary week for me and collaborations with others, no doubt about it.  

Thank you, dear ones!


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  2. Anya, you received a cheerful message of goodwill on Easter Sunday? Wow, Right on!

    Easter is a Christian holiday with all kinds of Pagan roots. It reflects a universal theme of resurrection and re-birth, whether it's Jesus himself, or the sun returning. The light of day is now longer than the dark of night. And, you received this message right in the midst of Passover.

    Where was this shimmering spot in the sky? Was it in the east? (root word for Easter) The direction of the rising sun?

    Winter has passed, and the sun is born again.

    Happy Passover / Easter to you!


    I had to delete the post above, and correct some overt spelling errors (mixing up SUN & SON) Oooops.

  3. Actually it was in the east! Amen!

  4. Somehow this does not surprise me (see my last email)! The observation that some kind of profound confluence of individuals is occurring may be kind of a "thank you, captain obvious" observation, but I can't help but notice this sort of "I just found something I lost!" feeling that's really hitting me as I read through blogs like yours and Mike's (from above in the comments--Hi Mike!).

    Even though there may not necessarily be a lot of NEW information being shared, it seems that the who, where, when, and how of the sharing of all of this information is very important--damn, I am really letting my inner "woo" out, now ;^) .

  5. Whoot! LOL-- Let the wild rumpus begin, Chris, lol

  6. Chris that is interesting because I'm drawing a metaphor of your mention of finding "something I lost!" to the (bible) myth of a King rediscovering his lost treasure or gold. That is what I feel sometimes when I read posts here, or at other kindred sites. It is rare, indeed. *LOLoL* Funny to say, too, that caught myself thinking, "Dear One" as I strolled through the neighborhood today. Peace_out (^.^)

  7. That is interesting, ay. Thank you for sharing that. That description of the feeling I get (finding something I lost) came to me in one of those moments when my thoughts seem especially lucid. It's the most perfect way I can describe it. "Dear One": a term of endearment that certainly evokes a familiar comfort for me. Peace.

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  9. That is interesting, ay! Thank you for sharing that. (Hopefully, this post will show up.)