Friday, June 4, 2010

Chi balls, astral agents, bilocation, and more!

Lately the newest neat little trick I've learned about is bilocation... also am now getting downloaded (from other awakened starseeded humans now, *not* just ETs!) and have the ability to create chi balls, throw negative astral agents out on their kiester, etc.

You can ALL do this, people. It ain't that hard. On the quantum field, once you have paid attention to something, it is there, manifested, in your face, this absolute gift from the universe, *begging* you to take advantage of it and to learn from it.

  Don't run and hide, it's so much fun and so empowering, you have no idea. 

The Powers That Be want you to be so scared of yourself you s**t your pants every time you ponder the magnificence that is your multi-dimensional self.  It's been designed this way for too long. 
But the reality is, it is also your birthright as a human being born on Planet Earth to learn about these abilities and to grow from them and from others good works as well.


  1. Anya B,

    Huge thanks for you intense optimistic OOPMPH!

    No foolin' - hearing your strong voice truly helps. I'm tired of being awash in my mamby-pamby state of anxiety. I recently dealt with the most terrifying experience of my life. And, it ended almost as soon as it began. And I'm fine. A life lesson sure enough.

    peace from alaska,

  2. Anya B

    Huge thanks for your confidence and optimism. I've recently had a run in with some scary sh*t from some. Presently, I seem to be fine. A good life lesson.

    But - Please explain the "chi balls"


  3. Yes, Anya, that is right. I agree ~ it's there for all to tap into. This morning I found myself 'unconsciously' "tuning into" a sphere/space/or window of probability. When I did so, I distinctly heard a noise of the front door of my house slamming shut. It seems to the mind focusing itself in order to get ready to co-create reality. With regard to the current illusions that some of us entertain and would like dissolve~rid ourselves of, Abraham-Hicks explains it succinctly and well in these terms, (the freed minds get) "tuned out, tapped in and turned on." Love and many blessings.