Thursday, July 18, 2013

My favorite Diamanda Galás interview

I know what you do. You are scared. Good luck with your ritual day. I see you. I see all of your attempts at destruction. Your grave is marked with soot: do not go here, defiled ground, defiled body. The scorched earth policy applies only to your graves and your wanton greed and lust for power. 
No one will go there. No one will remember you unless it is in infamy. 

You will and are failing on a daily basis. You will see and speak to death, finality, and your ultimate obliteration before too long. Your end won't be pretty. 
You'll be dragged through the streets before too long; metaphorical or real.
You are scared. I can feel it.
Terrified, even.


  1. I'd never heard of Diamanda Galas before. Thanks, that was quite interesting.

    Anya said: "You'll be dragged through the streets before too long; metaphorical or real."
    In our expression of "righteous anger" we, ironically, risk being sucked into the same vortex. This is when the dark & the light will be brought to light. ;-)

  2. It's not "righteous anger" TC, it's a fact. I have no anger towards these people. I am just telling them what I see the trajectory of their ways and the consequences of their actions coming back to haunt them. I actually was able to literally fight off being "sucked into the same vortex" yesterday. You have no idea how literal, lol