Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Satanic roots of the Church of Scientology and the Remote Viewing Industry

The last one because: why not.

The astrologer Cal Garrison at Spirit of Ma'at magazine has kindly created an essential compendium on the Satanic roots of Scientology based on comments I have made in many interviews, including the recent Alfred Webre interview that was sabotaged by outside interference by the Powers That Think They Be. 

I also mention more about this connection in a recent interview I did with DJamil Graham on the Alchemy of Light show:

It might warrant discussion about the incredible video attached at the bottom of the  Spirit of Ma'at article as well that also mentions the Scientology connection to the architects of the modern militarized remote viewing program that was funded by the US military for a couple decades and some change. 

I have had interaction with one of the First Earth Battalion guys and he was nothing but mind controlled bad news. Some higher ups in this program are very mind controlled as well as mind controlling bastards as well. Don't let the goofball film "The Men Who Stare At Goats" make you think they are harmless but lovable rascals. They aren't. 

The one whom I spoke with (his name evades me that the moment) did nothing but gaslight me and quite frankly didn't behave any differently than a Scientologist at an Anonymous rally- 
evasive, swearing at me, filled with hive mind. 
Food for thought.

About Project Stargate and the Scientology connection as well:

"The initial research program, called SCANATE [scan by coordinate] was funded by CIA beginning in 1970. Remote viewing research began in 1972 at the Stanford Research Institute [SRI] in Menlo Park, CA. This work was conducted by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, once with the NSA and at the time a Scientologist. The effort initially focused on a few "gifted individuals" such as New York artist Ingo Swann, an OT Level VII Scientologist. Many of the SRI "empaths" were from the Church of Scientology. Individuals who appeared to show potential were trained and taught to use talents for "psychic warfare." The minimum accuracy needed by the clients was said to be 65%, and proponents claim that in the later stages of the training effort, this accuracy level was "often consistently exceeded."

Yet another of many reasons the remote viewing industry totally sucks and is void ethically 150%, not the least of which other reasons here not to ever give your money ever to any of these people teaching this thing:

Not surprisingly, I get visits to my blog many times a day from people in Menlo Park. 
Menlo, as I have mentioned, as well as Stanford and Berkeley, are where many CIA agents go to retire and breed little CIA gits in waiting as well. Kerry Cassidy is from around there, too. 
The Stanford Research Institute is also instrumental in horrific experiments with mind control and "human behavior modification" as well. 
None of this should surprise any of you at this point.

While we're at it, you might want to check out this as well for your further edification: 


  1. I went to the Scientology Church here in Melbourne once out of curiosity. Dark vibes there too. Also used to live near their Narconon drug rehab centre. Locals used to see weird lights and crafts in that area.

    Good interview on the "Alchemy of Light Show". I'm learning a lot, thanks Anya.

    Found the footage of the Jessie Venture's show (mentioned in the interview) here, for anyone that's interested:

  2. Thanks The Cardells! I am embarrassed by the Conspiracy Theory footage but get really mad when people think I am acting or making it up. God, it pisses me off when people think I wasn't completely traumatized by that place. It was awful. Thanks for your support, it is appreciated.

  3. I could tell it was genuine emotion, and that's what threatens some people.

    Ever notice how certain individuals react with anger to crying? Don't take it personally, it's just their default/programed reaction.

  4. Thank you. It's hard to take their baggage. Nobody wants to own it and everybody resents it. No fun. But necessary to speak one's truth, "even if your voice shakes"~