Sunday, August 18, 2013

Image dump. Most of these things appeared on my skin in 2012. I still don't know what they are definitively.

I think it's someone in the secret army, quite frankly, who injected me with nanobots of some kind or another in a MILAB or ten. I think there's a very real 3D nuts and bolts human answer to this- might include ET involvement, but there are human stooges involved, henchmen who do their bidding or who have stolen ET tech/R & D that they use on human test subjects. Right now my arms have been itching something fierce for a couple of days now. I don't think they're food or pollen allergies, but it might be an allergic reaction to something having to do with whats in my skin. My arms started itching when I started thinking about posting these images, interestingly enough.

This was weird because it was a bruise I have no memory of getting and yet woke up with this mark on the underside of my right forearm one morning last year (2012). it distinctly felt like there was a round, lightweight object (could have been a substance like plastic) under the most tender part of the bruise (the center). In the adjusted for contrast image, you can kind of see the prominence of this thing  with the center kind of getting white, as if something were poking at the surface from under the skin.

These marks were on the top part of the same arm.

This strange cut showed up in the late summer/early fall of 2012. It hurt. It was not a paper cut. Shortly after I received this:

And then in I guess September of 2012 I received the first of three (so far) scoop marks in the same place on my left middle finger:

This one was four months later almost to the day in I guess January or so...

And finally in April or May of 2013 this one showed up.

June, 2012.  I was in Ohio when this happened. It freaked me out. No, it's not from an impression on a  blanket. 

 This showed up on the sort of top center right part of my butt (image adjusted for contrast.)
  I don't remember when this was, maybe late last year (2012). 

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I think this is some weird attempt to "mark" territory on me or brand me like some kind of farm animal. It had the appearance of a tattoo almost and looks like the letter H, W, or a backwards N.  Again, that is not a post-production effect, my skin tends to more often than not turn red whenever you point a camera at a weird mark on my body. It disappeared two or three days later.
Yayyyyyy, dehumanization and humiliation is so much fun! 

More WTF.

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