Saturday, August 3, 2013

Well, this is interesting.

This definitely made me stop and take a look. Not the least of why is because I have for months now, on an almost daily basis, been getting visits to my blog from Kazakhstan of all places.

 I mistakenly thought this was just US or foreign military/military intelligence abroad taking a look. 

But yes, I have been getting quite a few hits on the old visitor log from that area of the world lately, and for some time now.  I didn't know about Astana being an occult capital for the New World Order. 
Well now you know.

Interesting that Astana is an anagram of Satana and is most definitely being built almost exclusively by one black Masonic occult Illuminist oligarch with a thing for the film Total Recall as well.

If I might address the occult element there, then: 

Hi, hope you're having fun. People are waking up and it won't be long now, "people" who hide in the shadows like bugs. 

There are those who won't take any more of your sociopathy, and the situation will be corrected.

Make no mistake. 


UPDATE, 8/14/13: More on Kazakhstan, I'm sure this is totally unrelated!

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