Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kazakh scientists say that Aliens created human DNA and that an alien message is embedded in our genetic code

What is it with Kazakhstan all of a sudden?

 When it rains, it pours... 


  1. "Humans" appeared on this planet in their original biological Earth form (which is quite different from our present one) direct out of our morphogenetic field (= our collective of consciousness) in adult form like Q in the scifi series "Star Trek: Enterprise" --- in the blink of an eye. No gradual Evolution. No creation by ET Tricksters. We were and still are our own creators, even in this heavily mutated/sabotaged human form.

    Homo Sapiens represents NOT the original "human" lineage. Besides other hybridization influences humanity essentially consists of TWO main races genetically blended together BY FORCE. I recommend Ashayana Deane/Guardian Alliance material. (e.g. Voyagers II, p.390)

    Thank you for your courage and honesty, Anya, your interviews are very helpful.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, but I do not recommend Ashayana Deane. You know her name really is Anna Hayes by the way. The fact that she has to take a moniker does not bode well. She is a deceiver. Your material does not resonate with me other than that we have divine aspects to us that are either electrified/activated or kept dormant and that is largely a choice how much each one of us wish to be "turned on" or "kept in the dark". Free will is a choice-based system, of course. Ashayana complicates things needlessly and is spreading dangerous disinfo, I have found. Blessings, Anya

    1. She's also a cult leader. 'Nuff said.