Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best 9/11 Vid Ever

Trauma culture also comes from being lied to and gaslighted and knocked around so much you feel like you are in a bumper car at the amusement park. 
Which is the state of mind sociopaths like you to be in. 


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  2. Sorry, not understanding - you mean regarding 9/11 or is this another issue? Not familiar with that...

  3. yes, another issue. a plane bound for china from malaysia was "lost" somewhere over vietnam yesterday. the "news" reports that no wreckage has been found. do you lose an aircraft? a boeing 777? i usually don't pay too much attention to headlines but this one is nagging at me. thought maybe you'd have some thoughts on the missing planes, conspiracy, "experts"...

  4. Oh, yes- I heard about that yesterday, that was very weird. I don't know what this means but believe it or not if you go below a certain altitude, you can lose radar. This video is an interesting theory, he lives in Kuala Lumpur and has some news links that seem to be different than most Americans are getting even though it's Reuters:

    I don't know if I would go the "supernatural" route yet some media outlets are moving towards, but honestly, I tried to figure out what happened, and I did see clairvoyantly a big round white light coming towards and enveloping the right side of the plane and then the plane just disappears. I have no idea what that means- the weird thing is after this happens, I see the area of the sky where the plane was flying as very ionized- I see the particles in the air as super charged/ionized where the plane had been. Whether this is a literal interpretation or a metaphor remains to be seen. I don't know what to think about that weird story, actually. It very easily could be the Malay military lying about a hijacking. But there also could be some kind of advanced beam weaponry being used that is super creepy. Remains to be seen… I need some time on this one to let it sit and marinate a bit.