Friday, March 14, 2014

Quantum Healing with Dr. Lo

Don't know if what I do is Qi Gong for clients, but I do remote energy work that has been repeatedly and demonstrably practiced hundreds of times over at this point and most if not all can describe what is happening to the spots on their body being affected by the "treatment" without me telling them. Some say they feel a very clearly external presence of a warm sensation on the spot I am working on (mostly in Skype or phone sessions), sometimes if it is the back or shoulders it is accompanied by a distinct but pleasant tingling sensation and/or a feeling of sublime "relief" or a "sigh of relief" feeling and an alleviation of pain/tension on the spot they didn't even know was problematic until that issue was relieved.

I don't know what that is, I never trained consciously for this practice at all, one day I literally just woke up and could do something that very clearly lifted or removed stagnant energy/stressful energy, and in some cases energy on a spot on the body that was a constant source of physical pain for the client, and by doing that,  the client was permanently relieved of said pain/sadness/whatever- in some cases these people had been suffering from this ache or pain for years on end.

Interestingly enough if they are on SSRIs (antidepressants like Prozac, other pharmaceuticals that block the emotional center of the brain) they usually tell me they can't feel anything happening.

Often there will be a past life connection as well, as woo-woo as that might sound. I will say sometimes without the client telling me what's wrong "Oh- this is a tender spot for you, this is where you hide all your emotions and pain, this spot, right here on your energy body" and about 100% of the time it will be a spot on the body where the person had, say, been murdered or humiliated and/or traumatized in a past life. They will often complain that it's a vulnerable spot on their body in this present lifetime, the source of "old sports injuries" or the place where they "pulled their back a long time ago and it just never seemed to heal properly" or a knee that is "always" sore and "vulnerable".

We are literal creatures as much as we are metaphorical and we have incredible ways of hiding pain and keeping it locked inside without even consciously knowing it. 

My guides call this the "pain body" and when in reference to quantum healing they call your current form intertwined with something they call the "energy body" or the "light body" which apparently is connected to quantum fields and the unified field theory.

I'm just a simple girl from Ohio, I don't know nuthin' from this stuff- tried to explain to a relative once at a family function in what could quite possibly be one of the most awkward conversations in my life what it is that I actually do in this regard and was at a complete loss for words.

I finally just mumbled something about how "the Chinese have been doing this for 4,000 years, it's kind of like acupuncture but I don't touch the person" and when he still didn't get it, I said the healer equivalent of "I like turtles" ("Acupuncture is accepted by most health insurance carriers!")  and stumbled over to the hummus platter. 

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