Saturday, April 20, 2013

Radiological event in the next 30-120 days

Have fun taking potshots at me if I am wrong, but this is what I am getting. 

I will be very, very happy if I am wrong. 

Radiological event - 50-100 days, give or take

-Suitcase bomb, "Pearl", "dirty" (nuclear)

- Could be in lower Manhattan, New York City or a city or cities with lots of bridges crossing large bodies of water in its geography. For some reason San Fransisco comes to mind too.

- Planted at a Chase bank or financial institution?

- Water is involved

-Lower Manhattan financial district

- Domestic terrorist- not AlQueda but CIA

- Black ops manouver, mind controlled person planting it, has no memory of doing this

- There will be a patsy to "clean it all up nice and neat with a bow"

-The song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" is in my head around this event, don't know why-- either the patsy and/or black ops sleeper cell could be returning from military service.

 - Lower Manhattan decimated/blocked off/quarantined

- People WILL be taken to bases underground or above ground for testing if they are detained.

My strong advice for people in these areas or living below 14th street in NYC or any citizens living in or near any financial districts in US cities that have sizable bodies of water nearby is to:

- Always carry cash

-If there is a bomb, leave the area IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait around. Don't even try to get to your car if it is in the direction of the event. Get in a cab and get the hell away from there immediately.
 Do NOT try to get in a subway or on other forms of public transport. They may be stopped or blocked by the city's transit authority and you will be trapped and/or detained.

- Have a place where you can get a hold of important personal papers immediately and have a strongbox/safebox that you can quickly transport things if needed.

- I would not advise having a safe deposit box at this time. Might want to consider a home safe, if only to temporarily house things for the next two-three months.

-Take higher ground- stay away from large bodies of water or places surrounding financial districts near bodies of water

-Get ahold of surpluses of clean, filtered water, enough for two or three weeks/a month's worth of drinking/cooking

-Purchase iodine tablets hopefully manufactured in the EASTERN part of the United States or Europe. Hawaii was decimated with large volumes of radiation after Fukushima and any seaweed products or kelp or iodine derivatives have been weakened as a result. I think there are manufacturers of iodine tablets in Maine or other places on the east coast. California has trace amounts of radiation from Fukushima in the water supply now and in the food supply.

-Have a safe place to crash for a couple of weeks uptown or above the city that ISN'T lower Manhattan (or any lower/downtown/financial areas of any major cities in the USA if it isn't NYC- go NORTH, not south)

-Have canned goods available stashed in either the trunk of your car or if your home isn't blockaded/in a quarantined zone, have extra handy, enough for two or three weeks


These are the plans for the globalists and those plans are destruction, ladies and gentlemen.

I say this with a heavy heart and no small amount of anxiety. I don't take this lightly. If I am wrong, I am wrong. I don't enjoy revealing this information at all. At any rate, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Forewarned is forearmed.

 God bless you all.


UPDATE, APRIL 27TH, 2013: 


  1. This article was passed along to me. I have a psychic friend in Queens, NY. She and I have been looking into who is involved in 911 & in all of the staged activities. She told me on Thursday April 25, that she saw some event happening in NYC next weekend. May 3, 2013 weekend. Of course, it will be staged as all the other events have been stage. Technically, since the Cabal has been using HAARP to generate earthquake & hurricanes, we can all attribute weather disasters to the govt Cabal as well.

    I will pass information from this article onto her.

    As for Boston psyop, I asked her to look into it. I have done my research on Boston. I found on David Icke forum topic Boston Explosions that the perps used video from another race as a virtual set. Women's marathon & 10K run as a green screen set for the psyop. This is the comment. videos & pics are posted to show a GIANT screen in one race & no Screen in the other shot.

    I talked to my psychic friend last night. I told her about the Women's marathon & 10K run and how virtual video are made w GREEN screen. She told me that in her visions all that she saw was GREEN. That is why she hadn't called me, she had nothing to tell me, all she saw was GREEN. She is not aware of virtual set. I explained to her how green screen works. I only learned about the 2013 women's marathon & 10K run today from DIF. They were virtual sets from the previous Boston runs. That is how the perps merged the explosion with previous marathon video.
    In the Women's marathon or 10K run, there was no JUMBOTRON monitor. The April 15 marathon had a jumbotron. The video was merged w April 15 video to stage the FAKE Explosions.

    Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2012

    This is also how all the fake 911 scenes were made.

    Thanks for your post.

  2. This was not a green screened event. A child really died and people really did lose their limbs. I posted this because I believe in freedom of speech (but reserve the right to not post anything hate filled or harmful) but this is kind of wacky to me. I am not interested in posting other people's psychic predictions unless they have some rhyme or reason to it, not "The marathon bombing didn't happen, it was all a virtual reality scenario". Uh, no it wasn't. Hundreds of people now are without limbs.

  3. Wow this is exteremly scary...I have family that lives in lower manhattan...just like you I would also be happy if you are wrong (not that I dont believe you)