Monday, February 22, 2010

Another whistleblower re: Secret Space Program steps forward, this time it's Eisenhower's Great Granddaughter

I am going to be the first to say that this interview goes on about 40 minutes longer than it needs to and she gets a leeeeetle too caught up in the "Mother Gaia Awakening of the Divine Feminine" thing a bit more than I am comfortable with. And by a "little bit" I mean about 40 minutes longer than it should.

I am not here to debate the accuracy by which this woman states her opinion, for that is just conjecture, but I would nonetheless implore those interested in my story to listen to what I think is the most intriguing part of this interview (her being approached and recruited to be part of a Mars Colony of a limited "elite" group of people being sent to Mars to repopulate in the event of Earth's natural destruction or an NWO planned HAARP-based "natural" destruction). 

I actually wish she had gone on more about her encounters with the "Agent X" who told her this as well as the psychic attacks she's had almost nonstop as well as the people in her life being manipulated by mind control to do things not of their character (has happened to me as well, many times) so that she found it nearly impossible to be in a relationship (in one case, her lover was actually a plant for the secret government). 

Now the interesting corroboration I can provide in all of this besides me being contacted by Solar Warden and Space Command is that I was also told that if the power grid goes down, part of the reason they need me as a telepath is so that I can communicate with others remotely. True story. I have no idea if that was intel feeding me a line or not, but that's the message I was given. 

Anyway, more info about Laura's experience HERE
(Useful background/highlighted info if you don't want to wade through the Divine Feminine stuff)

And the actual interview itself HERE

Oh, and skeptics who think this is all a pile of poo? We are asking for investigations into this as well. Our lives have been disrupted in ways you can't even imagine. Transparency is something I am keenly interested in. I want to be on Larry King Live someday with a black op official or the person helming this thing sitting right next to me on the air saying "Yup. We did it to her". I know that's probably not realistic, but I fantasize about that happening at least ten times a day. We want the proof and corroboration as much as you do.


  1. interesting interview ~ way to go, Anya...Laura!!! And we have nothing to fear but fear itself (F. D. Roosevelt)